Why Streaming Running Backs Could Outshine Trading Options in Week 3 of Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Week 3 Running Back Preview: Streaming Running Backs May Be Better Than Trading for Them

Are you struggling to find consistency from your running back positions in your fantasy football team? With injuries and underperformances, it can be challenging to rely on your drafted running backs alone. However, there may be a better solution than trading for more established players – streaming running backs. In this week 3 running back preview, we will explore the advantages of streaming running backs and highlight some potential options for your team. Let’s dive in!

Why Stream Running Backs?

Streaming running backs refers to the strategy of picking up running backs from the waiver wire or free agency on a weekly basis, based on favorable matchups and potential breakout performances. This approach allows fantasy managers to capitalize on unexpected opportunities and can often lead to better results than relying solely on drafted players.

One of the main advantages of streaming running backs is the flexibility it offers. Rather than being stuck with underperforming or injured players, fantasy managers can adapt their lineups each week based on changes in injuries, matchups, and performance trends. This strategy can provide a significant advantage in maximizing your points potential.

Top Streaming Running Back Options for Week 3

As we head into week 3, several running backs present enticing streaming options. Let’s take a closer look at some players you should consider adding to your lineup:

James White

The New England Patriots’ running back has been a trusted option in the passing game for years. With a favorable matchup against the New Orleans Saints, who have struggled to defend against running backs, White could have a productive week. He is an excellent streaming option, especially in PPR leagues, where his involvement in the passing game provides additional value.

Kenyan Drake

Though the Las Vegas Raiders backfield situation may seem crowded with Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake has managed to carve out a role for himself. In week 2, he showed his potential with multiple receptions and a touchdown. With a matchup against the Miami Dolphins, Drake could see increased opportunities to contribute both in the passing game and on the ground.

Kareem Hunt

As Nick Chubb deals with a minor injury, Kareem Hunt becomes an enticing streaming option. Hunt has already showcased his abilities in the Cleveland Browns’ offense, and with a matchup against the Chicago Bears, who have given up significant points to opposing running backs, he could have a standout performance in week 3.

Key Considerations for Streaming Running Backs

While streaming running backs can be a lucrative strategy, it is essential to consider a few key factors before making your decisions:


Examining the opposing defense’s performance against running backs is crucial. Look for teams that have struggled to defend against the run or have allowed receiving yards to running backs. Favorable matchups can increase the probability of a successful streaming play.


Assessing a running back’s involvement in their team’s offense is vital. Look for players who are heavily targeted in the passing game or are expected to see an increased workload due to injuries or other circumstances. Increased opportunities translate to higher fantasy points potential.

Game Script

Considering the expected game script can provide additional insights. If a team is projected to be playing from behind, they may rely more on passing, limiting the running back’s opportunities. On the other hand, if a team is expected to have a lead, the running back may see more carries to control the game clock.


When facing challenges with your running back positions in fantasy football, streaming running backs can be a viable solution. With the ability to adapt and capitalize on favorable matchups and potential breakout performances, streaming running backs provide flexibility and can lead to better results than solely relying on drafted players. Keep an eye on the players mentioned in this week 3 running back preview and consider their matchups, opportunities, and game scripts when making your streaming decisions. Good luck!

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