Who’s who in Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Who's who in Avatar 2: The Way of Water

The villainous head ofCol. Quaritch (Stephen Lang), security officer for the RDA, an Earth-based corporation that colonizes Pandora, is shot to death by Neytiri at its end ofThe first film. But he’s back in Way ofThe WaterAfter being resurrected as a Recombinant by the RDA, he was anaesthetized. AvatarHe is now embedded with his human memories. He couldn’t be happier about his new mission to track down and kill Jake Sully, a Na’vi rebel leader. whoNeytiri is the other target. ofHis personal revenge fantasies.

Quaritch is not only obsessed with murder, but he’s also interested in other things. in Way ofThe WaterHe’s now able to reunite with an unanticipated figure from his past whowill play an important role inHis future. You shouldn’t assume that the story of Colonel Willie will be concluded with a bow. ofThe first sequel. Cameron revealed to EW that there were “a couple of questions” that were deliberately left unanswered at the end about himself. of The Way of Water. “I wouldn’t even say he was even.” inThe middle ofLang told EW of his “journey” ofHis character: “There’s a long and long way to travel.”

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