What’s killing the ducks in Citrus Park neighborhood?

What's killing the ducks in Citrus Park neighborhood?


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, (FWC), is looking into whether or not something is being done. in theWater poisonings greater than 20 ducksAt a residential pond in Citrus Park.

Two dead were first discovered by residents ducksOn Tuesday, more bodies were discovered.

Sunday, 21 ducksHad been discovered dead in theLast week.

It’s a difficult sight to see. in. Multiple ducksLying lifeless on theBanks of a residential lake in Citrus Park.

Others, however, showed signs of being sickened and were still breathing.

“Two was concerning when I saw one of them was dead and then theThe other was sick. It’s making our hearts break,” Citrus ParkJudy Mendik, resident.

Mendik, who is alive in theTownhome complex in theNearby pond thecorner of Gunn Highway CitrusCrest Circle, two dead first seen ducksTuesday, called the FWC.

Wednesday was Wednesday. Officials came out to take back samples theFor testing, use water. As the days passed, residents says more ducksTurned up dead.

“I love these!” ducksIt’s not a happy time for me. It seems that another is in imminent danger, and we don’t have any options. However, I haven’t seen any other people trying to save them.” Citrus ParkRobert Casey, a resident said.

Another issue is that theMuscovy is the affected waterfowl ducks.

They are native to Central America and South America. As such, they are considered an invading species. in Florida.

That means that theFWC wouldn’t be able to rescue them. However, they can humanely endanger them if the death is painful and slow.

FWC claims they are aware of the situation and are currently testing the water.

While it’s not known what is causing their deaths at this time, residents believe they want to be helped.

“People are like Muscovy. That’s all there is to it. These are our pets. These are our pets. ducks. Casey explained that to see them go, it’sn’t it’s what we want to hear.

FWC encourages residents who discover any additional deceased ducksCall theFish Kill Hotline: 800-636-0511

Their website gives more details here: https://myfwc.com/research/saltwater/health/fish-kills-hotline/

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