What Happened To BottleKeeper After Shark Tank?

What Happened To BottleKeeper After Shark Tank?

AfterThe initial deal was made with Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner. BottleKeeperOnly continued to grow. People enjoy the first taste of beer. BottleKeeperThe beverage remains cold. It was apparently not possible without the assistance of Greiner and Cuban. According to Shark Tank Blog and SharkTank Recap, it was never concluded that the deal between the two sharks entrepreneur and the entrepreneurs actually took place. The blog reported that brand sales rose by over 300% following their appearance on the show. In fact, they sold another $1 million within a matter of days.

Since then, Bottlekeeper has been featured in various media outlets. Business Insider reviewed the product in 2018 in their reviews section. It said that Bottlekeeper was selling 2.5 units each minute through its online sales platform and was on track to earn $15 million in revenue. In 2021, “Good Morning America,” featured the product in its section “Deals & Steals” and offered its readers a deal on it.

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