Week 3 Report Card: LSU Dominates with ‘A+’, While Tennessee Struggles with ‘F’ in College Football Rankings

College Football Rankings: LSU rolls to ‘A+’, Tennessee earns ‘F’ in Week 3 report card

As college football enters its third week, fans around the country eagerly await the latest rankings and grades for their favorite teams. Week 3 was filled with spectacular performances, thrilling comebacks, and disappointing upsets. In this report card, we will analyze the top teams and highlight their achievements in the latest rankings. LSU has emerged as the top performer with an ‘A+’, while Tennessee finds itself at the bottom of the list with an ‘F’ grade.

LSU: The Elite Domination Continues

LSU has continued its dominant run in college football, impressing both fans and analysts alike. Their solid performance in Week 3 has earned them an ‘A+’ grade. The team’s offense has been simply unstoppable, putting up impressive numbers week after week. Led by quarterback Joe Burrow, LSU’s offensive unit boasts an explosive combination of speed, precision, and creativity. The defense, too, has been exceptional, showcasing grit and determination. With such a well-rounded team, it’s no surprise that LSU remains at the top of the rankings.

Ohio State: Rising Stars

Another team that has risen through the rankings is Ohio State. With an ‘A’ grade, the Buckeyes continue to impress observers with their strong performances. Led by quarterback Justin Fields, Ohio State’s offense displays remarkable consistency and efficiency. The defense has also made significant strides, shutting down opponents’ attacks with ease. With their roster bursting with talent, Ohio State is undoubtedly a team to watch as the season progresses.

Alabama: The Powerhouse Continues to Reign

No college football ranking is complete without mentioning the perennial powerhouse, Alabama. With an ‘A-‘ grade, the Crimson Tide have showcased their formidable talent and ability to dominate on the field. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been leading the way with his pinpoint accuracy and leadership, while the defense has held its ground against some tough opponents. Alabama’s consistent performance week after week ensures their place among the top contenders for the national championship.

Georgia: Steadfast in Pursuit of Glory

Georgia has proven its mettle on the field, earning a solid ‘B+’ grade in the Week 3 report card. The Bulldogs’ offense, under the guidance of quarterback Jake Fromm, has been effective and efficient. Their ground game, led by a powerful offensive line and an exceptional group of running backs, has helped the team consistently move the chains. On the defensive side, Georgia has shown determination, making crucial stops and capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes. Although they have faced some tough challenges, Georgia remains a strong contender in the rankings.

Oregon: Ramping Up the Momentum

Oregon, with a ‘B’ grade, has been steadily gaining momentum as the season progresses. Led by quarterback Justin Herbert, the Ducks’ offense has impressed with its explosiveness and innovative play calling. The defense, too, has stepped up, creating turnovers and making game-changing plays. Although they suffered a setback in Week 1, Oregon has shown resilience and the potential for a successful season.

Tennessee: Dark Clouds Loom

Unfortunately for Tennessee, Week 3 was a nightmare, resulting in an ‘F’ grade in this report card. The Volunteers struggled on both sides of the ball, making costly mistakes and failing to find any offensive rhythm. Quarterback inconsistency and a lackluster defense have plagued the team, leaving them at the bottom of the rankings. However, with a long season ahead, there is still hope for Tennessee to turn things around.


As college football’s Week 3 report card showcases, LSU continues to dominate with an outstanding ‘A+’ grade. Other powerhouses like Ohio State and Alabama remain strong contenders, while Georgia and Oregon hold their ground with respectable grades. On the other hand, Tennessee faces significant challenges to improve its performance and climb up the rankings. As the season progresses, every team will strive to reach the top, and only time will tell who will ultimately emerge as the national champion.

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