Visit Tampa Bay Launches Hybrid Meeting Grant

Visit Tampa Bay Launches Hybrid Meeting Grant

A campaign to support short-term convention and meeting business

TAMPA, FL (Nov. 10, 2020) – Specifically designed to boost short-term meetings and retain convention business in Hillsborough County in the wake of COVID-19, Visit Tampa BayA special grant has been launched to offset unanticipated costs resulting from technology needs that have become so critical for planners and attendees.

Many associations are dependent on the ability to host a major or annual meeting.  It can be expensive to move to virtual meetings or hybrid meetings. This is not only because of the attendee fees but also because of the technology that must be integrated into the program.  

The new Hybrid Meeting Grant will be determined based upon key criteria, including estimated economic impact and anticipated event attendance.  The event must take place at Hillsborough County partner facilities and provide overnight accommodation prior to December 31, 2021. 

“Hillsborough County’s tourism recovery is largely dependent on bringing back the business sector,”Santiago C. Corrada is president and CEO Visit Tampa Bay. “Convention and meetings business are essential to the economic wellbeing of the community.  Visit Tampa Bay’s sales and services teams helped secure 2.4 million visitors in 2019. Working closely with hotel partners and the Tampa Convention Center, we have rebooked over 70% of conventions that were postponed in 2020. This new grant program will allow meeting planners to keep meeting participants connected and allow us to secure more meetings.”

Visit Tampa BayA customizable sponsorship package was also created for event organizers. It includes custom landing pages on as well as exclusive partner offers, collateral and support with event promotion and attendance building strategies.

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