Visit Tampa Bay Appoints Four Communications As Sales And Marketing Agency In The UK, Ireland & Scandinavia

Visit Tampa Bay Appoints Four Communications As Sales And Marketing Agency In The UK, Ireland & Scandinavia

Tampa, FL (October 10, 2022) – After a formal, competitive bidding process, Visit Tampa BayAnnouncements Four CommunicationsIts new SalesAnd MarketingAgency for the UK IrelandAnd ScandinaviaThe markets are responsible for the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy to promote the destination to consumers and the travel trade, and increase bookings. 

Over 26,000 hotels are available in the area. Tampa Bay is one of the leading leisure destinations in Florida, and the gateway to Florida’s Gulf coast from the UK with direct flights from British Airways and soon-to-launch Virgin Atlantic. The area is home to the Tampa BayTourism is a key driver of the economy, with an economic impact of more than $7.1 billion. Worldwide, 24.6 Million people visit. Tampa BayEach year, it is known for its rich mix of culture and history, as well as world-class attractions, nightlife and cuisine. 

TheThe destination’s tourism industry continues to grow with the opening of new hotels. Tampa Bay’s first five-star hotel the TampaEDITION, attractions and other activities. Recent Tampa BayIn the inaugural Florida MICHELIN Guide, it was recognized for its food scene and drinks. Tampa International Airport (TPA) has been announced as USA’s number one airport according to the JD Power rankings, both of which underline how Tampa BayIt has changed and should be considered a premier US destination. 

It has been a long-term goal to make the destination accessible to all, including those with disabilities and LGBTQ+. Moving forward, one of the main objectives is Visit Tampa BayThis is to help target operators, agents, and consumers in sales and marketing activities and make sure they understand the product. Tampa BayToday, we will discuss the location’s offerings, its place in a Florida itinerary, and how it stands out as a city destination. 

Four CommunicationsIts data-driven, innovative approach and extensive relationships with airline partners impressed. They also have a history of great results and meeting business objectives with other destinations. 

“With the UK remaining our key overseas market and a range of exciting new developments including the new Virgin Atlantic daily flight from LHR to Tampa International Airport, as well as evidential growth in Scandinavia, we are proud to announce Four Communications as our Representation Partner for the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia,”Santiago C. Corrada, President & CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. “Our destination attracts visitors from all over Europe and Four Communications is a partner that can grow with us and continue to generate revenue for our area and the businesses here.”

Rob Wilson, Head SalesAnd MarketingAt FourTravel (the travel arm) Four Communications) commented, “We are delighted to have been appointed to represent Visit Tampa Bay in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia. It is an incredibly exciting time for the destination as UK airlift increases, with Virgin Atlantic launching a new daily flight from London Heathrow, in addition to the existing service on British Airways from London Gatwick. We’re looking forward to building on the excellent work that has already been done to put Tampa Bay on the tourist map, ensuring that Tampa Bay is a ‘must-do’ part of any holiday to Florida.”

Four CommunicationsCollaboration in the UK will be possible Ireland?, ScandinaviaUse the existing Visit Tampa BayMagic Torch PR is a public relations agency in these markets.

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