Under her administration, Nikki Haley pledges to prevent China from intimidating or threatening American businesses.

Nikki Haley vows China won’t ‘threaten or intimidate’ American businesses under her administration

When Nikki Haley took over as the new US ambassador to the United Nations just a few months ago, many thought that it would be difficult for her to perform at such a high level. But the former governor of South Carolina has proven all her critics wrong.

The Background

With her experience in governance and politics, Haley has been able to establish relationships with people from all walks of life, including business leaders. In a recent speech, the ambassador voiced her concerns about the practices of the Chinese government that have been affecting American businesses for years.

China Is A Threat

According to Haley, China remains a “threat” to American businesses and US jobs and that this is unacceptable. She fears that if the Chinese government continues to dominate the market and uses its unfair tactics to disadvantage American businesses, the US will not just lose jobs but also leadership in the global market.

She explains that the US will not sit back and watch its businesses being threatened or intimidated again. She promises to work tirelessly with other countries to push China to stop its wrongdoing and unfair trade practices.

The Trade Imbalances

For too long now, China has been using its economic might to push other countries out of the market. They have been dumping their products in the US and other countries, selling them at ridiculously low prices and driving local manufacturers out of business. In other cases, they have forced local companies to share their technology as the price of doing business in China.

This, in turn, has created a trade imbalance that has been hurting American companies for decades. Haley is concerned that while the US has been open to trade with China, it has not been reciprocated. She argues that the Chinese government needs to be fair and transparent in its trade agreements and not impose unreasonable tariffs or other trade barriers.

The Impact Of Unfair Trade

Unfair trade practices have resulted in many American companies cutting back and downsizing their operations due to the increased competition. As a result, many jobs have been lost, and it has affected the US economy as a whole. Haley is determined to resolve this issue by bringing other stakeholders into the conversation and work towards creating better trade agreement models.

American Businesses Need Protection

Haley also believes that the government has a responsibility to protect American businesses from cyber attacks designed to steal their intellectual property. Companies in the US spend billions each year on cybersecurity trying to keep their data safe from hackers. However, the US government needs to take a more active role in providing protection and support to the private sector.


Nikki Haley has demonstrated that she is committed to protecting the interests of American businesses in the face of Chinese economic aggression. She continues to maintain that she will work tirelessly to bring other countries to the conversation and push for fair and transparent trade agreements. Haley is determined to make sure that under her tenure, China will not intimidate or threaten American businesses, and the country will regain its rightful place as a world leader in the international market.

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