Ukraine scorns Russia’s latest truce declaration as an attempt to regroup

Ukraine scorns Russia's latest truce declaration as an attempt to regroup

Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday its forces in UkraineWould maintain the ceasefire it unilaterally announced to observe Orthodox Christmas until midnight, despite UkraineRefusal of the truce offer.

In its daily briefing, the ministry said its troops had only returned artillery fire when fired upon by Ukrainian forces, whom it accused of shelling civilian areas, something Kyiv often accuses Russian forces of.

Exchanges of artillery fire were reported in Kreminna and Bakhmut in Eastern Ukraine after the start of Moscow’s order for its forces to maintain a unilateral truce from midday Friday until the end of Saturday.

UkraineMoscow rejected the ceasefire offer asThis is a clever trick that’s cynical toGive Russian forces the chance toIt was time to rest, re-arm, then it was said that it would continue toTry toMoscow seized territory?

On Saturday, President Vladimir Putin praised the Russian Orthodox church for its support of Moscow’s fighting forces. UkraineIn anOrthodox Christmas message.

After the Russian leader had attended, the Kremlin sent Putin’s message. anOrthodox Christmas Eve service in his own Kremlin cathedral. He prefers to be alone than join other worshippers at a public celebration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, centre rear, attends anOrthodox Christmas midnight service at the Kremlin, Moscow, Saturday early. (Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik/Kremlin/Reuters)

The Kremlin website contains his message. anPutin stood in front of religious icons. as anHe is an important stabilizing force in society during a time when he has died asOvercoming a historic clash between Russia, the West UkraineOther issues.

“It is deeply satisfying toPutin noted the significant constructive contribution made by the Russian Orthodox Church, along with other Christian denominations, to unifying society, preserving historical memory, educating youth, strengthening the institution and family,” Putin said.

“Church organisations prioritize… supporting our soldiers taking part in the special army operation [in Ukraine]. These complex, selfless and massive works deserve our deepest respect.

Russian Orthodox priests walk on the street.Russian Orthodox believers and priests take part in the Orthodox Christmas procession in Sevastopol on Saturday, Crimea. (The Associated Press

Putin called for a 36-hour ceasefire to mark the celebrations. Kyiv however rejected it asMoscow’s ploy toBuy time regroupAfter the announcement, artillery fire was exchanged between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

Just before the ceasefire was intended, to start, rockets slammed into a residential building in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk close to the eastern front line, damaging 14 homes, but there were no casualties asMany people have fled.

WATCH | Fighting in Ukraine continues despite Russian ceasefire claims

Fighting in Ukraine continues despite Russian ceasefire claims

Both Russia and the Ukraine continue to shell each other.UkraineAfter the Kremlin’s 36-hour ceasefire, conflict has been stopped.

Many Orthodox Christians observe Christmas on January 7, but the Russian Orthodox Christian’s support for Moscow’s war in UkraineMany Ukrainian Orthodox believers were angered and the Orthodox Church worldwide was split.

About 100 million Orthodox Christians are found in Russia, while some are living in unity with Moscow. There are approximately 260 millions of Orthodox Christians worldwide.

Others, however, are strongly opposed and reject Moscow’s assertion that its February 24th invasion was illegal. an essential pre-emptive strike toIt will defend its security as well as that of Russian speakers Ukraine.

Ukraine has about 30 million Orthodox believers, divided between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and two other Orthodox Churches — one of which is the autocephalous, or independent, Ukrainian Orthodox Church. – * Source link

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