UK sees record number of illegal immigrants crossing English Channel, as deportation plan stalls

UK sees record number of illegal immigrants crossing English Channel, as deportation plan stalls

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The United Kingdom witnessed a record number ofIn a single day, migrants cross the border from one country to another. EnglishThis week on Channel 2, asThe government has difficulty implementing a scheme to send letters. illegal immigrantsRwanda

British media reported that 1,295 migrants crossed from Europe via the channel in small boats. This was a daily report by British media record. According to BBC, this means that 22,557 migrants crossed the border since the beginning. ofThe year.

Illegal immigrantsYou can usually cross into the U.K. by jumping onto your back ofTrucks asThey crossed the Channel Tunnel or via ferry from Calais, France to Dover. 

The However, numberThe number of small boats that crossed the Channel was up sharply after 2018. According to U.K. government statistics, there were only 299 illegal immigrants2018: Small boats and small boats were the most common way to come across people. That will change in 2021. numberHad risen to 28,526.


Aug. 23, 20,22: The Border Force escorted 100 migrants to Dover, Aug. 23, 20,22 after they were taken into the English Channel. The military and Border Force officials helped the migrants to land at Dover Docks, Dover, United Kingdom.
( (Photo by Stuart Brock/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images))

The illegal immigrantsThey are mostly from other countries and have traveled through many safe countries to reach Blighty.

Official data show that Iranis and Iraqis have been represented at half the rate since 2018. ofAll arrivals by small boats, followed by migrants arriving from Eritrea (Syria, Afghanistan), Sudan, Vietnam, and then Albania). This year, however, the Albanians have been partnered with Afghans asWith 18% of the total population arriving by small boats each country is the one with the highest proportion. ofThis is the total. This route was used by approximately 2,165 Albanians arriving in Britain in the first six month. of 2022. 

Boris Johnson, Conservative Prime Minister, has repeatedly promised to crack down on the British government. illegalimmigration has not lived up to its promise.

Earlier this year, Johnson’s government announced a deal with Rwanda that would see illegal immigrants sent there instead — a move that sparked outrage from Britain’s left-wing politicians asWell asUnited Nations 


In some ways, the agreement was similar to Trump’s efforts to make “safe third-country” agreements to send migrants there. These agreements are intended to stop people who use asylum claims. asA cloak to conceal economically driven migration

Johnson said in a speech that the move was made possible by Britain’s departure from the European Union, which gave Britain greater control over its immigration policies.

“This innovative approach, driven by our common humanitarian impulse and made possible through Brexit freedoms will provide safe legal routes for asylum while disrupting business model ofBecause it means that the gangs are able to take advantage of economic migrants ofJohnson stated that those in need of asylum will not be allowed to stay in the U.K. Johnson stated that those who are truly in need of protection will be provided with legal services and access to the courts upon arrival in Rwanda. They will also have the chance to start a new life in the dynamic country we provide funding.

A group of people, thought to be migrants, walk ashore in Dungeness, Kent, following a small boat incident in the Channel Aug. 25, 2022.

A group ofAfter a small boat accident in Channel Aug. 25, 2022, people thought to be migrants walk ashore at Dungeness, Kent.
(Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

Johnson stated that seven percent of respondents believed Johnson was right. of10 immigrants who arrived on small boats were under the age of 40 years. of40, and have “manifestly secured countries,” including many in Europe where they could or should have applied for asylum.

After the European Court’s ruling, however, the first flight to June was rescheduled. ofHuman Rights, which are distinct from the European Union, and from which the U.K. is now expelled — was injuncted. 

Since then, flights have been held amidst ongoing legal challenges. These objections focus on human rights concerns related to the sending of migrants to East Africa. 


The Guardian reported Thursday, that the Home Office was planning a new initiative. deportation flight ahead ofNext month, the U.K. High Tribunal will hear the matter. Also this week, the U.K. announced an updated planFast-track deportations ofAlbanians are out ofThe country.

“Large quantities ofIn a statement, Home Secretary Priti Patel stated that the lies being sold to Albanians by vicious organized crime groups and people-smugglers. This leads them to make treacherous journeys in fragile boats to the U.K. This abuse ofIt is unacceptable that our immigration system continues to be broken and that people continue to risk their lives.

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