Trump teases ‘big announcement’ coming next week

Trump teases 'big announcement' coming next week

Donald Trump, former president of the United States TrumpHe said Monday that he would make a “big announcement”. next weekIn Florida, he suggested a third presidential bid while campaigning for Ohio before the final day of voting in the year’s midterm election.

“I’m going make a big announcement at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, November 15th.” TrumpHe spoke before a cheering crowd in Vandalia (Ohio) on Monday night. This was his final rally for the midterm campaign to support Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

“We don’t want to diminish the importance of tomorrow.”

TrumpHe has made it clearer that he plans to run a third presidential campaign. In recent days, he stated that he would run “very, very very, very likely” and would announce his intentions “very soon.”

He stated Sunday night that he would likely have to do it over again, but that he was still keeping his eyes open. Stay tuned for tomorrow night in Ohio, the great state.

Republican officials and some individuals in TrumpHis orbit had advised him to wait until after midterms to launch his campaign. This was partly to avoid making the election a referendum on him, and also to protect him from any potential blame should the Republicans fail to do as well as they hope.

But TrumpHe has been keen to move forward, and has privately stated for weeks that he may announce his plans at one his homestretch rallies. Even as his aides have been discussing potential venues and dates for a formal announcement in The Associated Press, coming days.

He told the crowd at a Pennsylvania rally that “in the very nextIn a very, very, short time you will be so happy.

“You’ll be shocked at how fast it comes.” He said that first, we must win a historic victory on Nov. 8, for Republicans.”

TrumpOhio was once considered a bellwether state, but it won by eight points in 2016 and 2020. His endorsement power was also tested early in Ohio when he backed Vance in the hyper-competitive Senate primary. This helped the new politicalcomer win in a competitive Republican field.

Vance, a writer, venture capitalist, onetime journalist TrumpCritic, is part a new generation Republican leaders who embrace Trump’s “America First” positions, including his isolationist foreign policy and focus on immigration. – * Source link

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