Top 12 Blockbuster NFL Trade Deadline Deals in the Last 12 Years, Featuring 49ers, Rams

The 2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Top 12 Big-Name Deals of the Last 12 Years

Every year, the NFL trade deadline brings excitement and anticipation as teams look to make strategic moves to bolster their rosters for a playoff push or rebuild for the future. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top 12 big-name deals of the last 12 years, highlighting the most impactful trades that sent shockwaves through the league. From the blockbuster deals involving the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams to other significant transactions, let’s explore the trades that reshaped the NFL landscape.

1. Rams Acquire Matthew Stafford from Lions (2021)

One of the most recent blockbuster trades, the Los Angeles Rams acquired former number one overall pick Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. In exchange, the Rams sent Jared Goff, two first-round picks, and a third-round pick to Detroit. Stafford proved to be the missing piece for the Rams, leading them to the Super Bowl and solidifying their status as Super Bowl contenders.


This trade elevated the Rams’ offense to new heights, providing them with a franchise quarterback capable of making clutch plays. It also showed the Lions’ commitment to rebuilding and starting fresh with Goff as their quarterback of the future.

2. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo (2017)

In 2017, the San Francisco 49ers made a bold move by trading a second-round pick to the New England Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This trade marked a turning point for the 49ers, as Garoppolo’s arrival sparked a dramatic turnaround, leading the team to a Super Bowl appearance in the 2019 season.


The acquisition of Garoppolo rejuvenated the 49ers’ offense and provided stability at the quarterback position. It also showcased Garoppolo’s potential as a franchise quarterback and set the stage for future success for the team.

3. Raiders Trade Khalil Mack to Bears (2018)

Perhaps one of the most shocking trades in recent memory, the Oakland Raiders traded star defensive end Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears in 2018. In return, the Raiders received a package of draft picks, including two first-round selections. This deal instantly transformed the Bears’ defense, as Mack played a pivotal role in their success.


The trade sent shockwaves through the NFL, as Mack’s impact on the Bears’ defense was immediate and profound. It also raised questions about the Raiders’ decision to part ways with a player of Mack’s caliber.

4. Dolphins Acquire Reggie Bush from the Saints (2011)

The Miami Dolphins traded for running back Reggie Bush in 2011, sending a second-round pick to the New Orleans Saints. Bush’s arrival in Miami brought excitement and anticipation, as he was expected to inject new life into the Dolphins’ offense.


While Bush didn’t have a transformative impact on the Dolphins, his tenure with the team provided stability at the running back position and brought a sense of excitement to the fanbase.

5. Seahawks Trade for Percy Harvin (2013)

In 2013, the Seattle Seahawks pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Minnesota Vikings, acquiring wide receiver Percy Harvin. The Seahawks sent a first-round pick, a seventh-round pick, and a future mid-round pick in exchange for Harvin. This move further solidified the Seahawks’ status as a Super Bowl contender.


Harvin’s arrival added a dynamic playmaker to the Seahawks’ offense, providing quarterback Russell Wilson with another weapon. His impact was felt immediately, as the Seahawks went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII with Harvin playing a crucial role.

6. Broncos Trade for Peyton Manning (2012)

One of the most significant quarterback trades in NFL history, the Denver Broncos acquired Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts in 2012. Manning, a future Hall of Famer, brought a wealth of experience and leadership to the Broncos’ organization.


Manning’s arrival instantly transformed the Broncos into a Super Bowl contender. He led them to four consecutive AFC West titles and a Super Bowl appearance, ultimately winning Super Bowl 50 in his final season.

7. Chiefs Trade for Alex Smith (2013)

The Kansas City Chiefs traded for quarterback Alex Smith in 2013, sending a second-round pick and a conditional mid-round pick to the San Francisco 49ers. This trade marked a turning point for the Chiefs, as Smith’s steady play at quarterback lifted the team from mediocrity to playoff contention.


The trade for Smith provided stability at the quarterback position for the Chiefs, who went on to win four consecutive AFC West titles with Smith under center. It also showcased Smith’s ability to lead and manage a team effectively.

8. Browns Trade Trent Richardson to Colts (2013)

In a surprising move, the Cleveland Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts in 2013. The Browns received a first-round pick in return, signaling their intent to rebuild and accumulate draft capital.


The trade was seen as a disappointment by many Browns fans, as Richardson failed to live up to expectations in Indianapolis. However, it allowed the Browns to further invest in the draft and start laying the foundation for future success.

9. Eagles Trade for Sam Bradford (2015)

The Philadelphia Eagles made a bold move in 2015, trading quarterback Nick Foles and a second-round pick to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford. The trade indicated the Eagles’ belief in Bradford’s potential and their willingness to shake up their quarterback situation.


While the trade didn’t pan out as expected, Bradford’s tenure with the Eagles provided stability at the quarterback position and showcased his ability to lead an offense. The trade also set the stage for the Eagles’ subsequent trade up in the draft to select Carson Wentz.

10. Patriots Trade Randy Moss to Vikings (2010)

In 2010, the New England Patriots traded star wide receiver Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. The trade shook up the league, as Moss was coming off a record-setting season with the Patriots.


The trade signaled the end of Moss’ tenure with the Patriots, but it also showcased the team’s ability to move on from star players without missing a beat. The Vikings hoped Moss’ return would reignite their offense, but the trade ultimately had mixed results.

11. Saints Trade for Darren Sproles (2011)

The New Orleans Saints traded for running back Darren Sproles in 2011, sending a fifth-round pick to the San Diego Chargers. Sproles provided an immediate impact as a versatile playmaker, becoming a key contributor to the Saints’ high-powered offense.


Sproles’ arrival added a new dimension to the Saints’ offense, as he excelled as both a runner and a receiver. His impact helped the Saints reach new offensive heights and contributed to their success in the subsequent seasons.

12. Cardinals Trade for Carson Palmer (2013)

In a bid to solidify their quarterback position, the Arizona Cardinals traded for Carson Palmer in 2013. The trade sent a 2013 sixth-round pick and a 2014 conditional late-round pick to the Oakland Raiders.


Palmers’ arrival revitalized the Cardinals’ offense, leading them to back-to-back playoff appearances in 2014 and 2015. His veteran leadership and playmaking ability were instrumental in the team’s success during that period.


The NFL trade deadline has seen numerous big-name deals that have had a significant impact on teams and players alike. From game-changing quarterbacks to game-breaking defenders, these trades have reshaped the league and provided noteworthy storylines throughout the years. As the trade deadline approaches each year, fans eagerly await the next blockbuster trade that could shape the destiny of their favorite team.

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