Today’s Democrats seem set on ostracizing their longtime base: Domenech

Today's Democrats seem set on ostracizing their longtime base: Domenech

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Since the days of negotiating compromise with Republicans, the Democratic Party has been heavily tilting to the Left. Some long-standing liberals are being left out by its “woke” philosophy. on their own, podcast host Ben DomenechFox News.

Democrats seem bent onWeighing down Judeo-Christian principles and expecting everyday Americans to be committed DemocratsTo be forced to conform DomenechWho hosts “The Ben?” Domenech Podcast,” suggested.

“The fact the Democratic Party is today at odds with so many religious believers across this country is something that they don’t acknowledge.” seemto have a problem. It’s almost that they believe America will become less Judeo Christian,” he stated. on”Life, Liberty, & Levin.”

“They just assumed it would happen, and they continue to be frustrated when they run into problems like Hispanic voters still having religious beliefs — and having those beliefs affect theirViews onCulture-war issues are especially relevant when it comes to saying that “boys can also be girls” and asking about abortion.on-Demand or not complying with the Democratic agenda, when it comes time to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor…

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DomenechThis article will recount previous iterations in the Democratic Party, where, after the 1994 Republican Revolution President Clinton and his party worked closely with House Speaker Newt Geingrich onEconomic policies without sacrificing personal differences onSome social policies

Ronald Reagan, GOP President, and Thomas O’Neill House Speaker were political foes. But they were diplomatic and friendly towards one another in the 1980s.


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) talks with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) in the Senate subway.

Senator Joe Manchin (D.WV) meets with Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, in the Senate subway.
(REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)

Washington is no longer able to replicate that kind of dynamic. Domenech said.

“We need to be able to see that this coalition is that which the Democrats have represented over the years really started to fall apart when they started to lean so much more heavily and more honestly, I feel, into these culture war issues — as they’ve done over the last several decades,” he told host Mark Levin.


Bill Maher hosts “Real Time”.

Many DemocratsFrom that point on, they would be more fit onThe “coalition to the right” has become a reality these days, he said, pointing out West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s incessant annoyance at intraparty colleagues onThemen wie the Green New Deal or progressive fiscal policies.

“Those people are completely out of the left alliance, and it’s happened infront of us over these past few decades, in large parts because of their rejection of a number of things that have been so much at the center of American life, I think — mostly, of course, of religion.”


In this regard, DomenechBill Maher, noted comedian and laity Bill Maher, was not afraid to laugh at or disagree with Donald Trump. Democrats onHe considers culture war issues to be detrimental to liberalism.

He claimed that Maher “is not in any way” [a person]”of the Right,” but that he, along with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, were either critical of or ostracized from the Left for being different onYou don’t have to cover all topics.

“It’s about enforcement of all kinds of authoritarian norms when preventing speech and such like,” Domenech said. “It’s… a break with the kind of agenda that they used to have in the past, and it’s one that leads them to try to cancel those who they disagree with.”

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