Titans Rookie Will Levis Named Starting QB for Week 10 and the Rest of the 2023 Season

Titans Name Rookie Will Levis Starting QB for Week 10, Remainder of 2023 Season

The Tennessee Titans have announced a surprising change in their starting lineup for Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season. Rookie quarterback, Will Levis, has been given the nod and will take charge of the team for the remainder of the season. This decision has left many fans intrigued and curious about what the future holds for the young signal-caller. With Levis set to make his starting debut, the Titans are hoping he can bring a new spark to their offense and lead them to success in the coming weeks.

A New Face in the Spotlight

Will Levis, a rookie hailing from Penn State, has captivated the coaching staff with his potential and talent during practice sessions. His strong arm and impressive athleticism have caught the attention of Head Coach Mike Vrabel, who believes that Levis can inject a much-needed energy into the team’s offense.

Levis has shown incredible progress and growth since joining the Titans in the offseason. Despite being a rookie, he has demonstrated a level-headedness and maturity that many veterans would envy. In limited playing time earlier this season, Levis displayed great poise and decision-making, showing that he is ready to take on the challenge of being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The Rise of Will Levis

Will Levis became a household name among college football fans during his time at Penn State. Known for his ability to make plays both with his arm and his legs, he quickly gained a reputation as an exciting and versatile quarterback. In his final season at Penn State, Levis threw for over 2,500 yards and 20 touchdowns, while also rushing for more than 400 yards and scoring 9 touchdowns on the ground.

Levis’ success at the collegiate level attracted the attention of NFL scouts, and the Tennessee Titans selected him in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Despite being drafted as a backup to the team’s established starter, Levis has shown tremendous determination and work ethic throughout his time with the Titans.

The Impact on the Titans’ Offense

The decision to name Levis as the starting quarterback comes in the wake of the Titans’ struggle to find consistency on offense. With their previous starter battling injuries and inconsistency, the team’s passing game has suffered in recent weeks.

Levis brings a new dimension to the Titans’ offense with his ability to extend plays with his legs. His mobility and agility give him the potential to escape pressure and make plays on the run, providing a spark to an offensive line that has struggled with pass protection. Additionally, his strong arm allows for deep passes to stretch the field and open up opportunities for big gains.

Challenges and Expectations

While Levis has shown great potential, it’s important to remember that he is still a rookie, and there will be challenges to overcome. The speed and intensity of the NFL can be overwhelming for even the most talented young quarterbacks. The Titans will need to provide Levis with a strong supporting cast and develop a game plan that plays to his strengths.

There will be a learning curve for Levis as he adjusts to the speed and complexity of NFL defenses. Opposing teams will undoubtedly study his game film and look for weaknesses to exploit. It will be crucial for Levis and the Titans coaching staff to continue to develop and refine his skills to stay one step ahead of the competition.

A Bright Future

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, naming Will Levis as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans brings a sense of excitement and optimism for the team and its fans. The young rookie has shown tremendous potential, and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

If Levis can live up to expectations and continue to develop as a quarterback, the future looks bright for the Tennessee Titans. With his unique skill set and the right supporting cast, Levis could become a key player in the team’s success for years to come.


The decision to start rookie quarterback Will Levis in Week 10 and for the remainder of the 2023 season is a bold move by the Tennessee Titans. By choosing to go with the young and talented player, the team hopes to ignite their offense and turn their season around. Levis has shown great potential during his time in college and in limited playing time this season. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, the Titans believe that Levis has what it takes to lead their team to success. Only time will tell if this gamble will pay off, but the future looks promising with Will Levis at the helm.

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