The Tampa Bay Spring Fishing Report: Part 2

The Tampa Bay Spring Fishing Report: Part 2


Our fantastic fishing season continues this month. As our feathered friends move home from the north, the water here in Tampa Bay rises to tropical temperatures. Our fishery comes alive with an abundance of bait fish flocking to the center of the bay, creating a feeding frenzy for all anglers.

Whether you are new to fishing, a professional or, like most, just familiar with the rod and reel, the spring fishing season should be a great start. A great resource for expanding your knowledge base is the Florida State of Saltwater Regulations. By looking at these, you can plan your trip better and get to know a treasure trove of statistics and lots of information.

Let’s examine two different types of fishing trips. The first is sport fishing for catch and release. Catching and releasing sport fish usually involves the Tampa Bay coastal slam described in the previous issue, which consists of a snake, redfish, and speckled trout, all caught on the same trip. These fish are in great demand and can only be caught and released. This month they will get out of their lethargic resting places from winter and they will be hungry!

It’s the perfect time of year to catch snook, one of the three fish that make up the Tampa Bay Inshore Slam (PHOTO: Tampa Fishing Charters).

Alternatively, you can target fish that you can legally own or harvest. If you want to put a “keeper” fish in your fish box for cleaning and for a fresh dinner, I recommend that you ice your fish box. The best way to preserve the fish you catch is to fill your fish box with a silt of salt water and ice. This keeps them extremely fresh and makes them much easier to clean. Species to look out for include Spanish mackerel, snapper, flounder, and cobia. But keep your eyes peeled for surprises; You never know what will happen when the fish fight starts.

Also, don’t forget the essentials: light gear, a 20 to 30 pound leader, number one circle hook, split shot weights, and reeling your rods and reels with 10 to 20 pound fishing line. This is really a great time to fish. Bring the family or just enjoy some time with me. Fishing is a total stress reliever.

Tight lines!

We assure you the best of our attention at all times. To book your next adventure, call our fishing charter hotline or visit us online to find out more.

Captain Oliver O’Riordan


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