The most effective spoon relaxation you should purchase on Amazon

The best spoon rest you can buy on Amazon

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Thanks to a shipping error a few summers ago, I got a huge box containing a dozen of these leftover silicone utensils. I hadn’t even ordered one, let alone 12! The company let me keep them and I put one aside for myself and distributed the rest to friends and neighbors. (You get a spoon rest! And you get a spoon rest!) Turns out this is the best happy accident that has ever happened to me (and my friends).

It’s just a simple piece of silicone with four small notches to hold spoons, tongs, and other utensils, but it makes a big difference. While a spoon rest (any spoon rest) is a good idea, this is particularly well suited as it can hold up to four utensils at a time and can hold each utensil head perpendicular to the counter. That means a couple of things. For starters, you’ll have a spot to store utensils when you’re not in use and you won’t clutter your kitchen counter or hob. It also means that, for example, you can rest your cheeky wooden spoon and goopy spatula at the same time and the two heads never touch.

I thought briefly about swapping this out for a prettier, handcrafted ceramic option, but I’m just not ready to sacrifice the extra functionality this offers. (Pottery looks good, but usually only has room for one tool at a time.) And all of my friends report that they still love theirs too.

If anyone reads this at my local post office, I applaud any faulty packages that are not intended for me! Who knows what else might come up!

Do you use a spoon rest when cooking?

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