The Moldy Costco Meat Stick That Has Reddit Horrified

The Moldy Costco Meat Stick That Has Reddit Horrified

TheMoldy Chomps meat stick can be a concern RedditUser superchiller made a joke about Chomps’ slogan by saying “Chomp. Barf. Repeat.” Gr8daze user says that they stopped buying meat sticks CostcoDespite mold problems, the company was able to accept returns without any issues. One commenter ridicules the supermarket by saying, “Name an iconic duo.” CostcoMold.”

Redditors have their funny side, too. One Redditor described the moldy meat as “aged perfectly”, while another said that the growth looked “like a gator” or “like a dinosaur.”

Other Redditors are suggesting eating around the moldy area, but this isn’t recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Mold roots can grow deep into food, so the problem may not be limited to the surface. Mold roots can be poisonous and may contain harmful bacteria.

RedditSome users suggest bringing the bad meat back to CostcoFor a full refund. CostcoThis confirms that most items are returnable. CostcoFor a full refund of your purchase price, as part of the company’s “100% satisfaction warranty.” The USDA advises thoroughly checking food for signs of deterioration before buying it, as well as informing store managers if you discover any defects.

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