The Guide to Holiday Entertaining

The Guide to Holiday Entertaining

The holidays can be a stressful time—so many people toPlease, take so many decisions toMake, and so many more to do.

We’re aiming toWe’ll help you make your life easier by sharing the information, tips, how-tos and recommendations that will help you in any entertaining situation.

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Hosting Thanksgiving or another big meal? We can’t tell you how toYou can cook a turkey. But we can help to choose the best wines toServe at Thanksgiving dinner with top sommeliers’ advice. You’ll also find our picks for food-friendly bottles, from beaujolais to riesling.

Look! to host a holiday cocktail party? It’s much easier toPre-batched cocktails are recommended toMix and match drinks. We’ve also rounded up the best cocktails for every occasion, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve and any other holiday gathering.

If you’re looking toAfter dinner, you can serve something extra. We have some ideas for what to do. to dessert wines. And because it’s a time of celebration, we’ve broken down the most common types of sparkling wine.

We hope, above all, that you will find your happiness toHost a holiday party with ease. We will make your celebrations shine by taking away the stress of hosting.

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