The Best Sunglasses For Fall And Winter

The Best Sunglasses For Fall And Winter

These sunglasses will keep you cool this summer.

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Gearing up for a new season shouldn’t feel like a chore, be it lacing up a pair of the best men’s chukka boots or bringing your favorite flannel shirt out of storage. Certain things get lost in the shuffle when dressing for fall or winter.

Take your everyday carry, from the watch on your wrist to the wallet in your pocket — and the sunglasses adorning your mug.


Think of it like a two-fold challenge: Rocking some of the best men’s sunglasses for fall and winter is a style statement, sure, but it’s also an overlooked essential when it comes to eye care.

While you may associate summer with high-heat, stylish shades, the perfect pair should not be out of reach during the rest of the year. These picks will match any personal shade for fall or winter.

Line of Trade x RAEN Wiley Sunglasses

Bespoke Post

The good folks at Bespoke Post teamed up with the laidback eyewear purveyors at RAEN to deliver a carefully crafted, perfectly on-trend update to the brand’s Wiley Sunglasses, which add sleek appeal to any cold-weather look — it’s all in the sharp Smoke colorway. $175

Walden Eyewear River Sunglasses


Meet the latest and greatest from style purveyors Huckberry — these channel the perfect mix of rugged cool, ideal for pairing with cold-weather style staples like expertly faded denim, tough boots and a shawl cardigan. $99

Persol 649 Original Sunglasses

Leave it to Persol to design frames beloved by legendary style icons like Steve McQueen — these shades are every bit as stylish as they were decades ago. $339

Tomahawk Shades Arch Duke Sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades

Looking for an affordable pair of frames with great style? This durable, lightweight, well-made pair retails for under $40 (and that’s no typo). $35

Vuarnet black edge Sunglasses


James Bond has trusted Vuarnet with stylish eye care in recent years. These frames are both classic and modern. $395

Shinola Mackinac Sunglasses


Yes, it is possible for the top watchmakers to make a pair of sunglasses in a sleek black shade. $295

Brioni Acetate Sunglasses


The famed tailoring house shakes up your eyewear rotation in a bold, tasteful, refined way — for an investment-level price. $660

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


It’s true that those aviator shades that you depend on in the warmer months still look great when paired with a peacoat and a rugged, henely when it gets cold. $163

BluBlocker Tortoise-Shell Aviator Sunglasses


The cult classic BluBlocker shades of the ’80s and ’90s are back in a big way, right as nostalgia for the era reaches a fever pitch. These shades are bold, lightweight, durable, and extremely affordable. AndThey block UV rays year-round. $78

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