The 4 best coffee grinders for 2021

The 4 best coffee grinders for 2021

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Sure, you can buy your coffee already ground, so that you only have to scoop it straight from the bag into the coffee machine of your choice, and your coffee is fine. (There’s really nothing wrong with buying the pre-ground stuff as long as you store it properly in an airtight container with UV protection!) But when you’re ready to add an extra step to your coffee routine, you’ll notice that your resulting brew tastes a bit tasty fresher, bolder and better. To go that extra mile, you need a coffee grinder. Which one? Let’s take a look.

First, let’s go back a second. There are two types of coffee grinders: knife grinders and burr grinders.

I have it? Now let’s take a look at which machines other sites recommend. (Although there are plenty of cool looking and tiny crank mills – like the photo above – none of them were featured in these reports.) In true Kitchn fashion, we ended up adding our own thoughts as well.

1. Orchard Encore coffee grinder

The best coffee grinder, according to Wirecutter

The Wirecutter folks said this burr grinder grinds more evenly than almost any other machine they’ve tested. They liked that there wasn’t a learning curve for figuring out how to use it, it took up a decent size, it was easy to clean, and it was incredibly reliable. While it can’t grind coffee fine enough to please super-serious espresso makers, Wirecutter says it can make a “usable shot” and it will work with virtually any filter you have.

to buy: Orchard Encore Coffee Grinder, $ 139

2. Krups coffee and spice grinder

The best knife-style coffee grinder according to Cook’s Illustrated

When it comes to burr mills, Cook’s Illustrated also picked the Baratza Encore, which Wirecutter liked. So, for this entry, we’ll focus on Cook’s illustrated selection for a knife-style coffee grinder. They liked this one the best during an earlier review and selected it again years later when the post was updated. They love that the machine has a large, see-through lid (so coffee drinkers can see the grinding process) and that the grinder button is on the side (so that they don’t block their view). The grinding chamber is big enough to hold enough beans for a full 10 cups. And thanks to its oval shape, it is easy to load and empty and no full beans are left behind.

to buy: Krups Coffee and Spice Grinder, $ 20 at Crate & Barrel

3. OXO BREW coffee grinder with conical ridge

The best coffee grinder for most people, according to Serious Eats

Our friends at Serious Eats took a shrewd approach, recommending coffee grinders based on each type of drinker. While recommending one machine for serious coffee freaks (a Baratza that appears to be sold out) and another for budget conscious coffee freaks (the Baratza Encore), they said this one will appeal to most people overall. (It’s Wirecutter’s budget choice too, for what it’s worth.) The price is just right – you can certainly spend more, but when you spend less the quality really starts to suffer, emphasizes Serious Eats. The editors say it’s great for anyone who wants more control and experimentation, but doesn’t need to add too much to the science of coffee.

to buy: OXO BREW coffee grinder with conical burr, $ 100

4. JavaPress manual coffee grinder

The best-selling coffee grinder on Amazon

The best-selling coffee grinder on Amazon has over 17,500 reviews, including more than 11,600 five-star ratings. This is a manual grinder with 18 settings and a detachable hand crank. While we prefer a router or even a knife sharpener at home as this grinder doesn’t require electricity, it’s a great option for those who love to camp out and take their joe on the road.

to buy: JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder, $ 40

Kitchn’s thoughts on the best coffee grinder

Another reviewer pick that we like every single one of the nominees! If we had to pick a favorite, we would have to go for Serious Eats. We totally agree that this OXO grinder probably isn’t for the super-geeky coffee people, but for most of us – who just want fresh, good-quality coffee at home – it will get the job done. And it will do well. It features conical stainless steel grinders, 15 coarse settings (plus micro settings in between), and a generous funnel and grounds container (the latter holds enough to brew up to 12 cups).

Do you have a coffee grinder that you love? Is it one of them?

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