Taylor Swift’s ‘Lavender Haze’ Music Video: Biggest Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift's 'Lavender Haze' Music Video: Biggest Easter Eggs

Meet her at midnight! Taylor SwiftReleased the music video for her song “Lavender Haze” on Friday, January 27 — and it is unsurprisingly full of Easter eggs.

Swift, 33, released the first teaser visual for Midnights’ opening track on Thursday Night Football (October 2022), along with clips for other Midnights tracks. “Anti-Hero”And “Bejeweled”Both music videos were premiered in the same month. They contained hidden messages that fans could decode.

Many Swifties are considered certain “Bejeweled”Speak Now! elements that can be used as confirmation Taylor’s Version will be the next re-recorded album the Pennsylvania native releases. Swift is seen entering an elevator and 13 buttons of different colors appear to signify each album in the order they were released. The “Lover”A songwriter presses the purple button to go to the third level, apparently acknowledging her third record, Speak Now.

The Midnights era isn’t the first time Swift has left trails of clues for her devoted fans. Red was released in the following ways: Taylor’s Version in November 2021, the Grammy winner shared videos of jumbled letters via social media, giving her followers a chance to guess the titles of the album’s vault tracks.

“*Presses post* *cackles maniacally* Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest,”Swift captioned one video clip in August 2021.

The Folklore musician’s penchant for cryptic messages goes back to her debut album when she beganThe tradition of hiding sentences in her album liner notes using out of place uppercase letters.

“I love to communicate through Easter eggs,” the “Blank Space”Entertainment Weekly May 2019: Singer tells Entertainment Weekly “I think the best messages are cryptic ones.”

Swift explained the meaning of the phrase despite her love for mystifying fans. “Lavender Haze”Instagram, October 2022 lyrics

“I happened upon the phrase ‘Lavender Haze’ when I was watching Mad Men. I looked it up because I thought it sounded cool, and it turns out that it’s a common phrase used in the ’50s where they would describe being in love,”The Reputation artist shared his video. “If you were in the lavender haze, then that meant that you were in that all-encompassing love glow, and I thought that was really beautiful.”

She continued, referring to her relationship. Joe Alwyn: “I think a lot of people have to deal with this now — not just like ‘public figures’ — because we live in the era of social media, and if the world finds out that you’re in love with somebody, they’re going to weigh in on it. My relationship, for six years, we’ve had to dodge weird rumors … this song is sort of about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff.”

Swift and Alwyn started dating in 2016. Swift, 31, is a Conversations With Friends actress who has collaborated with Alwyn. “Cruel Summer”Songs by singers “Betty,” “Exile”And “Sweet Nothing.”

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