Tampa’s New Professional Women’s Soccer Team Unveils Stadium Plan at Blake High School

Tampa’s New Women’s Pro Soccer Team Announces Plan for Stadium at Blake High School

With the ever-growing popularity of women’s soccer worldwide, Tampa is set to welcome its very own professional women’s soccer team. In an exciting announcement, the team has revealed their plans to build a brand-new stadium at Blake High School, a move that has sparked enthusiasm among soccer enthusiasts and the local community.

1. A Momentous Milestone for Tampa Soccer

As the first women’s professional soccer team in Tampa, this announcement marks a significant milestone for the city’s sports scene. The team’s decision to establish their stadium at Blake High School builds a bridge between the professional sports world and the local community.

By utilizing the existing facilities at Blake High School, the team demonstrates their commitment to fostering community engagement and creating a positive impact within the area.

2. Creating Opportunities for Local Athletes

The team’s choice to establish their stadium at Blake High School presents tremendous opportunities for aspiring female soccer players in Tampa. With a state-of-the-art stadium in their backyard, young athletes can witness professional women’s soccer firsthand, inspiring them to pursue their dreams in the sport.

Moreover, the team has expressed their commitment to collaborating with local schools and clubs to provide access to training sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs. This initiative aims to nurture talent and promote the growth of female soccer players at all levels, from grassroots to the professional stage.

3. A Catalyst for Economic Growth

The establishment of a women’s professional soccer team and the construction of a new stadium have the potential to boost Tampa’s local economy. Not only will the development process create numerous jobs, but the influx of fans attending matches will also bring economic benefits to the area.

Matchday experiences often involve pre-game and post-game activities, including dining at local restaurants, shopping at nearby stores, and staying in local accommodations. This increased foot traffic can drive revenue for businesses in the vicinity and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

4. Empowering Women in Sports

The presence of a professional women’s soccer team in Tampa serves as a powerful symbol of female empowerment in the world of sports. By providing a platform for talented female athletes to compete at the highest level, the team inspires young girls across the city to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Additionally, the team has emphasized their commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within their organization. They aim to create an environment where women from all backgrounds can thrive and excel, both on and off the field, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among players and fans alike.

5. Building a Strong Fanbase

Tampa’s sports community is known for its passionate fanbase, and the arrival of a new women’s professional soccer team is expected to generate enthusiasm among fans. The team’s strategic decision to establish their stadium at Blake High School ensures easy access for local supporters, maximizing attendance and fostering a vibrant atmosphere on matchdays.

The team is also actively working on developing community engagement programs, connecting with fans through events, meet-and-greets, and fan clubs. These initiatives aim to create a strong bond between the team and its supporters, building a loyal and dedicated fanbase from the outset.

6. A Catalyst for Youth Participation

The establishment of a women’s professional soccer team in Tampa has the potential to encourage youth participation in the sport. As young boys and girls witness the success and passion of their local heroes, they are more likely to take up soccer themselves.

Furthermore, the team’s commitment to working with local schools and clubs to provide training opportunities and mentorship programs will undoubtedly inspire young athletes to pursue their dreams. By serving as role models and advocates for the sport, the team brings hope and excitement to aspiring soccer players in Tampa.


Tampa’s new women’s professional soccer team has made a momentous announcement by choosing to build their stadium at Blake High School. The decision not only creates opportunities for local athletes and boosts the local economy, but it also empowers women in sports and builds a strong fanbase.

With their commitment to community engagement and youth participation, the team is set to leave a lasting impact on the Tampa Bay area, inspiring generations of female athletes and fostering a vibrant soccer community. Tampa is now on the brink of a new era in women’s soccer, and fans eagerly await the kickoff of the inaugural season in their very own stadium at Blake High School.

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