Tampa Hard Rock raises hospitality wages, some by more than 60%

Tampa Hard Rock raises hospitality wages, some by more than 60%

TAMPA, Fla. — For more thanRoselyn Palencia was a Seminole cook for four years Hard RockHotel and Casino in TampaShe was only surprised by it. some life-changing news.

She more than 1,000 hospitalityEmployees received a significant pay increase somePayrolls rising more than 60%.

She stated, “I feel very happy and emotional.” “It did something for me, my family.


This will give entry-level employees $8-11 extra over the state’s $10/hour minimum wage. This is part Hard RockTo help with inflation, a plan by’s to spend another $100 million on payroll.

Seminole said, “We just felt that it was time to step in and take care the staff that takes good care of us.” Hard RockPresident Steve Bonner stated.

This news is a relief! hospitalityState employees are having difficulty adapting to the increasing cost of everything.

“The amount of money that Hard RockTheir minimum wage has been raised to $18, which will put a lot of pressure upon other workers. hospitalityUCF hospitalityProfessor Kevin Murphy spoke.

But many locally owned hotels and restaurants aren’t able to compete with the kind of pay increases of an international gaming corporation, so they’ve come up with different ways to keep employees.

Shauna Ramsey has been working at the front desk at Bilmar Beach Resort for 18+ years.

Ramsey stated, “I love all my customers and the people that I work with.”

She stated that she has been able to stay there because of the flexibility and appreciation shown by her managers.

Ramsey stated, “They make it feel appreciated.”

Clyde Smith, general manager of Bilmar Beach Resort, said that many local restaurants and hotels struggled to find and retain employees after the pandemic. However, it is improving now that employers have adjusted. byHaving better benefits and incentive programs can raise wages.

“Things are expensive moreSo people must make an effort to do so. more money. Employers also need to change, according to me. moreSmith stated that Smith is flexible. Smith stated that they try to show them appreciation by doing extra things.

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