Tampa Bay school districts continue to battle teacher shortages

Tampa Bay school districts continue to battle teacher shortages

TAMPA, Fla. — The state continues to battleA severe teacher shortage.

At the beginning schoolAn interview with ABC Action News was conducted in the year 2000 Tampa Bay school districtsLearn more about their available vacancies.

Pinellas County was one of the most popular districts. teacherMore openings than normal

“Our talent acquisition team is far-reaching. They look at various ways to have people join us,”Paula Texel, Human Resource Services for Pinellas County Schools.

Pinellas County had a population of 136 at last count. teacher vacancies, Polk County has around 200 openings, and Hillsborough has 534—the most of any local district.

It’s an ongoing issue ABC Action News spoke with superintendent Addison Davis about over the summer.

“That’s a large number of students who do not have or may not have a highly qualified skilled teacher in front of them every single day,”Hillsborough County Schools Superintendent Addison Davis

Hillsborough is just one example of the many districts working overtime toTry toFill as many vacant positions as possible

Kelly Education and other organizations are now charged with finding substitute teachers. Tampa Bay school districtsAs leaders prepare for students toReturn in the New Year

“There’s way more teacher vacancies than we’ve ever seen before,”Cheryl Courier was Vice President of Southeast Practice at Kelly Education.

This means they’re having toFind long-term subs to teach classes while you wait for a job.

Kelly Education has also stepped in to help. school districtsFind potential teacher candidates.

“Right up front, we’re talking to substitute teachers about, ‘What if this could be your next career?’”Courier.

According toFlorida Education Association’s August numbers show that there were 10,771 open positions for teachers and support personnel in Florida.

It’s a statewide issue many fear won’t improve anytime soon.

“I think we’re facing a very difficult time where, as a community, we need to pay attention to our teachers because it’s just going to continue to get worse if we don’t,”Courier.

Kelly Education is always looking for substitutes.

“It’s an important job educating the next generation, whether you’re a teacher or a substitute teacher,” Courier added. “There is steady pay. It’s a great way to support your community, and there’s flexible work options.”

Anybody interested should visit mykelly.com. Or call 813-518-5999, and choose option 2.

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