Tampa Bay Closes Year-end with Treasured Numbers

Tampa Bay Closes Year-end with Treasured Numbers

TampaFL (Feb. 3, 2022). – Rebounding from the pandemic withIncredible taxable hotel revenue results. Tampa BayThe company has released record-setting numbers for the 2021 calendar year, which saw industry-leading productivity and growth. With December’s numbers now on the books, the year-end numbers show revenue in excess of $758 million, an increase of over $50 million or a 7.1% increase on the previous best numbers set in 2019.

STR, Inc. rated the top 25 U.S. cities. Tampa BayWhen indexed against 2019, 2021 was the most popular destination for occupancy, beating Miami by 1.6% to claim the top spot. It also ranked a noteworthy third in Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR).

Hillsborough County collected $4,495,484 Tourist Development Taxes for December hotel stays. This 32.8% increase was over the FY 2020 record. This takes Tourist Development Taxes collected for the first four months of VTB’s fiscal year to $15,460,998, a 25.3% increase over the same period in FY 2020. STR also reflects December’s tax collection. Tampa BayIt was among the top three destinations for occupancy in its comp sets in both leisure and meetings competitive sets.

“Our recovery is well ahead of schedule and the news from a visitor perspective is overwhelmingly positive,”Santiago C. Corrada, President & CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. “Our team and partners have worked tirelessly to beat expectations and bring economic growth to our community. The past twelve months have seen Tampa Bay shine brighter and bolder.”

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