Tampa Bay artists increase consciousness of human trafficking by Challenge Goat

Tampa Bay artists raise awareness of human trafficking through Project Goat

TAMPA – Bucs’ quarterback Tom Brady is often referred to as the GOAT, which means the greatest of all time. It is therefore appropriate that 55 artificial, life-size goats be auctioned here in Tampa over the Super Bowl weekend. It’s called Project Goat.

“Goats empower women in the poorest parts of India,” said Rob Canton, founder of Project Goat. “A goat is essentially an ATM in these communities that prevents them from having sex or human trafficking.”

This is how Canton came up with the global offensive against human trafficking, also known as Project Goat. In the months leading up to the Super Bowl, he decided to unleash the horns across town. Goats appeared everywhere and were decorated by various artists.

“It really made a lot of sense because unfortunately, Super Bowls and events like this one, World Cups and Olympics are the kind of events that cause a lot of human trafficking,” said Canton.

Ron Francis was one of 55 artists in the Bay Area who gave these replicas their personal touch.

“The Super Bowl is a big thing, this real human trafficking issue is the biggest,” said Francis.

Francis made his goat look like a giraffe, an animal with a big heart.

“It just means a lot of love to me and what is needed is a lot of love on the subject,” said Francis.

Canton is in the process of balancing all of these symbolic works of creativity.

You’ll be part of a major art auction held at the Tampa Zoo the day before the Super Bowl. A portion of the proceeds will go to human trafficking awareness.

“I’m not sure how it exists, or why it exists, or why it still is, but I believe that through awareness and communication we can pass this information on to the people who don’t know,” Francis said.

It might not be long before more of these goats show up in other cities.

“We hope and have already communicated with our people in Los Angeles to make 56 new goats for Super Bowl 56 next year,” said Francis.

For more information on the February 6 auction, visit peacelovegoats.org.

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