Stuart Varney believes Biden’s reaction to Maui was a lost opportunity to demonstrate his understanding of the situation.

Stuart Varney: Biden’s Maui response is another missed opportunity to show he’s ‘in touch’

As President Joe Biden celebrates his first year in office, the criticism of his administration’s handling of the pandemic and other important issues has been incredibly harsh. The latest person to weigh in on the matter is none other than Fox Business host Stuart Varney. According to Varney, Biden’s recent response to the Omicron variant feels like a missed opportunity to show the American people that he is “in touch” and aware of what is going on.

Biden’s Lack of Communication

In his latest monologue, Varney noted that Americans have been “under a never-ending stream of negative news” over the past few years, and that Biden’s “Maui response” to the pandemic felt like another missed opportunity to show that he is “in touch” with the struggles of everyday Americans. Varney’s comments come in light of the fact that Biden was criticized for heading to Maui for the holidays a few weeks ago, at a time when the Omicron variant was causing concern in the United States.

According to Varney, Biden missed a chance to communicate with Americans about the pandemic, and to demonstrate that he cares about the impact that it is having on their lives. “If he thinks that by going on vacation and doing his own thing, that’s the way to address the American people, he’s making a mistake,” Varney argued.

Addressing Inflation

Varney didn’t stop at criticizing Biden for his handling of the pandemic. He also took aim at the Biden administration’s handling of inflation. According to Varney, the rising costs of goods and services are hurting everyday Americans, and the government’s response has been inadequate.

“The Biden administration is trying to spin these inflation numbers as if they’re not that bad,” Varney said. “But the fact is that they’re hurting ordinary Americans, and it’s time for the government to address this issue head-on.”

A Missed Opportunity

Overall, Varney believes that Joe Biden has missed several opportunities to show that he is “in touch” with the struggles that everyday Americans are facing. From his handling of the pandemic to his response to rising inflation, Varney believes that Biden has not done enough to put the concerns of Americans front and center.

“This is a president who was elected on a platform of empathy and compassion,” Varney said. “But when we look at what’s happening, we’re not seeing much of that. It feels like another missed opportunity.”


As the Biden administration moves into its second year in office, it’s clear that many people are feeling disappointed with the way things are going. From the pandemic to inflation and more, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. For Stuart Varney, Joe Biden’s recent “Maui response” was yet another missed opportunity to show that he is “in touch” with the struggles that Americans are facing. Whether the administration can turn things around remains to be seen, but for now, the criticism continues to pour in.

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