Staub Enamelled Cast Iron Everything Pan Sale – 55% Off At Williams Sonoma

Staub Enamelled Cast Iron Everything Pan Sale - 55% Off At Williams Sonoma

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It’s no secret that the editors at Kitchn are big fans of the Staub Dutch Oven – it even made our Kitchen Essentials list – but it’s time to add some of the popular French brand’s other enameled cast iron cookware To show love. Their 3.5 quart enameled cast Iron Everything Pan is the shorter, wider cousin of the Dutch oven and is of the high quality you have come to expect from dust. The Dutch oven normally costs $ 371, but right now it sells big at Williams Sonoma 55 percent discount (aka Just $ 149.95)!

Because a Dutch oven is shorter and wider than a Dutch oven, it is ideal for meat, but you can also easily use it to make a casserole or a stew pasta dish. Our tool editor Riddley says, “A Dutch oven is one of my favorite all-round pans! You can bake, roast, sear, simmer, shallow and, yes, stew in it. ” to heat up the grill for ribs, and they are great in the colder months when you stay inside (and maybe cook a holiday braid).

The all-round pan from Staub holds up to 3.5 liters and has a heavy cast iron base for even heat distribution and storage so that your food is always cooked evenly. In addition, the specially developed matt black interior with traces of quartz ensures a rougher surface and enables meat and vegetables to be browned better. The tight glass lid locks in moisture to make your proteins extra juicy and tender, and since it’s clear it’s easy to take a quick look at to monitor the progress of your meal.

Riddley especially loves the Everything Pan handles. “They’re wide, grippy, and angled slightly upward so you have good leverage when moving the casserole on the stove or in and out of the oven,” she says. Maneuverability is especially important for a heavy cookware like a Dutch oven, and the Everything Pan’s double handles make it easy to move and carry.

This dishwasher-safe (!) Dutch oven is available in the colors Grenadine, La Mer, Cherry, Cranberry and Sage (my personal favorite). The layered enamel creates a glossy, ceramic-like finish that will make you want to leave your Everything Pan outside on the screen. As an added bonus, the rust, splinter and crack resistant coating does not require any additional seasoning unlike conventional cast iron parts.

One reviewer said it best: “Warning: dust is addicting.” These pretty, versatile cookware will be the star of your Labor Day grill and Thanksgiving table. With a whopping 55 percent, it’s time to get on the dust train!

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