Singer Nick Cave confirms son Jethro Lazenby has died at 31

Singer Nick Cave confirms son Jethro Lazenby has died at 31

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave hasconfirmed his death son Jethro Lazenby atAge 31.

The frontman for a rock band Nick CaveAnd the Bad Seeds stated in a statement that they could confirm their sadness with “With Much Sadness, I Can Confirm That My” son, Jethro, has”Passed away.”

LazenbyA fashion model, rapper and actor. He was also a photographer. sonThis is CaveThe four children of’s.

He was Cave’s sonBeau model LazenbyAnd was born in 1991.

LazenbyWho was it that went by? Jethro CaveAfter being released from prison on Friday, he was found dead in his Melbourne motel room.

LazenbyA coroner will determine the cause of death.

According to police, there was no indication that he was a criminal victim.

The model was accused of assaulting his mother during an argument atOn March 7, she moved into her home.

He pleaded guilty, and was given a two-year ban from her and ordered to receive substance abuse treatment.

Lazenbywas to be sentenced on June

One of CaveSusie is the mother of his twin boys. Cave, diedAn accidental fall from a cliff, England, 2015.

Arthur CaveHe had previously taken LSD, the psychedelic drug that he was on before he fell.

Cave hasTwo of their sons are still alive.

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