Russia says it (*25*) targeting military train in strike that killed 25 in Ukraine town

Russia says it was targeting military train in strike that killed 25 in Ukraine town

A Russian rocket attack causes death Ukraineobserved its Independence Day has been raised to 25A six-year old and an eleven-year-old boy were found underneath the rubble of a house. killed in a car fire near a trainStation that (*25*) the target, a Ukrainian official said Thursday.

RussiaAccording to the Defence Ministry, its forces used an Iskander missile. strikeYou can find more information at military train that (*25*) carrying Ukrainian troops and equipment to the front line inEastern Ukraine. More than 200 reservists were “destroyed on their way to combat zone,” according to the ministry.

Kyrylo Tychenko, the deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, didn’t say whether the 25All civilians were among the victims he described as having been injured in Wednesday’s attack. He said that 31 people were injured in total.

The lethal strike inChaplyne. townapproximately 3,500 residents inThe painful reminder of the central Dnipropetrovsk Region was nevertheless there that Russia’s militaryTesting and force are causing civilians suffering. UkraineAfter six months of grinding war,’s resilience.

In Geneva on Thursday, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet decried the period since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into the neighbouring country as “unimaginably horrifying.” She urged Putin to “stop armed attacks against” Ukraine.”

Children injured in strike

The trainStation strikeThis took place after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine warned thatMoscow may try “something particularly cruel” this Week UkraineIt was marked by its 1991 declaration of independence and six-month mark of RussiaWednesday: Invasion

Tetyana Kvitnytska was the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk’s regional health department. She said that the people were still in pain. inThere were many injuries sustained in the attack.

She said that there were many types of injuries: limb fractures, craniocerebral, and explosive injuries. There are also burns. “People were inIt is a challenging condition both psychologically and physically.

“Now our focus is on children who have suffered. We have four children. Three of the four children are included in this program. ingrave condition. In addition to severe stress, they have blast and shrapnel injuries, burns and fractures,” Kvitnytska said. “The children are…” in”Serious condition.”

The Current19:28A somber Independence Day is an occasion to show your determination for victory. says Ukrainian MP

Today marks six months since Russia’s invasion of UkraineIndependence Day and. in Ukraine — though celebrations have been banned over fears of a Russian attack. Nora Young, guest host on the show, speaks to Ivanna Tsintsadze from Ukraine, as well as David Marples, distinguished professor of Russian-East European History at the University of Alberta.

After attacks, the Russian government has claimed repeatedly inWhich civilians perished? thatIts forces were only directed at legitimate targets military targets. Hours before train station attack, RussiaInsisted it (*25*) doing its best to spare civilians, even at a cost of slowing down its offensive in Ukraine.

Reactors are disconnected by a nearby fire

Sergei Shoigu (Russian Defence Minister), spoke Wednesday to a gathering of his counterparts representing a security organization controlled by RussiaChina Russia (*25*) carrying out strikes with precision weapons against Ukrainian militaryTargets are set and “everything is done in order to avoid civilian casualties.”

“Undoubtedly, itThis slows down the offensive but we do. itHe said, “intentionally.”

It (*25*) the second time Shoigu has made such a claim; he said the same thing inLate May

View of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, located outside of the Russian-controlled Enerhodar in Zaporizhzhia region, on Aug. 22. (Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

Other in UkraineThree people were killed in the eastern region of Donetsk on Wednesday and one more (*25*) wounded, Gov. Pavlo Kyrylenko spoke on Telegram.

Nikopol, a city across the river from the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, came under more Russian shelling overnight, said Valentyn Reznichenko, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

The plant is still being operated by Ukrainian workers, but it has special Russian staff. militaryRussian nuclear specialists provide advice, while units guard the facility. The International Atomic Energy Authority has warned. thatThe staff work under extreme stress conditions.

The plant’s two last reactors were shut down. UkraineAfter nearby fires caused damage to overhead power lines, the electricity grid was restored on Thursday UkraineEnergoatom is the state nuclear company.

The fires broke out in the ash pits of a coal plant located near the Zaporizhzhia plant — Europe’s largest nuclear facility — and damaged the power lines connecting itAccording to the company, it will be connected to the grid.

Energoatom reported that “as a consequence, the station’s two working power unit were disconnected from network.” inA statement.

The costs and limitations| The costs and limitations inA war that is artillery heavy:

The weapons supporting UkraineThe fight against Russia

David Common of CBC gets a rare glimpse at the weapons that the U.S. is sending. UkraineDover Air Force Base inDelaware to learn more about the critical role that Western countries play in Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

The plant’s security systems were working normally and work (*25*) under way to reconnect one of reactor blocks to the grid, the company said.

Rafael Grossi (IAEA chief) spoke to France 24 TV earlier on Thursday thatThe UN nuclear watchdog is very close to being able inspect conditions at the Russian-held facility. 

Putin wants to increase troop numbers

In RussiaPutin signed a Decree on Thursday to Increase the Size of RussiaThe 137,000-member army has been reduced to 13. The decree didn’t clarify whether the militaryThe army will be able to increase its numbers by either drafting more soldiers, increasing the number volunteer soldiers or a combination.

The Kremlin said thatOnly contract soldiers serving as volunteers can participate inWhat itCalls the “special” military operation” in Ukraine, rejecting claims that it (*25*) pondering a broad mobilization.

It’s not clear exactly how many there are. Russiathe nation has been able to withstand since the late-February invasion. An American official in high office at the Pentagon stated earlier this month that it has been able to sustain its operations since February. thatUp to thatPoint, between 70,000-80,000 Russian soldiers were killedOder you are hurt. – * Source link

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