Russia ‘fraudulently’ attempting to annex parts of Ukraine, says U.S. as it imposes more sanctions

Russia 'fraudulently' attempting to annex parts of Ukraine, says U.S. as it imposes more sanctions

Friday, the U.S. sanctioned moreConnected to more than 1,000 people and businesses to RussiaThe invasion ofUkraine, including its Central Bank Governor and families of Security Council members, after President Vladimir Putin signed treaties absorbing occupied regions ofUkraine into Russia in defiance ofInternational law

In a statement, the U.S. Treasury Department said it’s striking out against activity related toPutin’s “purported annexe” and continued occupation ofThese are the regions ofUkraine after “sham” referendums in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

There were hundreds of departments named by the department ofMembers of RussiaLeaders and the legislature of Canada ofFor the country’s military, financial, and supply chain infrastructure sanctions designations. Commerce Department added 57 new companies toIts list ofExport control violators and the State Department were added moreOver 900 people toIts visa restriction list.

“We will not be silent.” asPutin tries to deceive the world to annex parts of Ukraine. The Treasury Department of the United States and the U.S government are taking bold action today toFurther weakness RussiaIt will weaken the ability of an already degraded military industrial system toJanet Yellen, Treasury Secretary said that it was necessary to wage the illegal war.

Putin declares he’s annexed Russian-controlled regions in Ukraine| Putin declares he’s annexed Russian-controlled regions in Ukraine:

Putin begins the process to annexRussian-controlled Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Friday during a ceremony declaring annexation ofFour Russian-controlled areas in Ukraine are Donetsk (Luhansk), Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia. After at least 25 people were killed by a Russian attack in Zaporizhzhia, the ceremony took place hours later.

“The Treasury Department, U.S. Government, and allies will not hesitate toProtect individuals and companies from the outside and take swift and severe action of Russia”Who are complicit with this war and these fake referendums,” she stated.

U.S. President Joe Biden said Putin’s actions “have no legitimacy” and that the new financial penalties will impose costs on people and companies inside and outside of Russia”that provide economic or political support toIllegal attempts toChange the status of Ukrainian territory.”

Canada ‘will never’ recognize referendums

Canada announced on Friday that itIt’s also quite impressive. sanctionsOn RussiaAs a retaliation, it launched an “unprovoked” and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine.

“The vote toIntegration of Ukraine’s territory into the Russian Federation is a crude effort to formalize President Putin’s conquest through political theatre,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, speaking at a joint news conference in Washington with U.S. Secretary ofState Antony Blinken.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly announces that Canada has imposed new sanctionsDozens ofRussian oligarchs and other in response to Russia”Seize the opportunity to move.” to annex parts of Ukraine. (Jacquelyn Mart/The Associated Press).

“As Canada and  NATO allies have said, the pre-orchestrated ‘outcomes’ ofShe stated that the referendums have no legitimacy and will not be recognized.”

Joly stated that “Donetsk and Luhansk as well as Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson will all remain Ukrainian territory.”

The Canadian sanctionsThe Russian financial elites, 43 Russian oligarchs and their families, and 35 others are directly affected RussiaSenior officials from four of the occupied areas were supported by -backed of Ukraine. They also targeted a so-called governing board in Kherson, a Ukrainian port town that Putin declared “independent” earlier Friday.

EU condemns “illegal annexation” of Ukrainian territory

In Brussels, the European Union issued a statement saying its 27 member states “firmly reject and unequivocally condemn the illegal annexation” of Ukraine’s territory.

EU leaders stated that Moscow has undermined the “rules based international order” of Ukraine and violated Ukraine’s fundamental rights to independence. They stated that they would not recognize any illegal referendums. RussiaOrganised “asThis is a pretext to continue the violation ofUkraine’s independence and sovereignty, as well as its territorial integrity.

WATCH: Vandals attack Russian Consulate in New York City| Vandals target Russian Consulate in New York City: 

Vandalization of the Russian Consulate in New York City

Vandals won toThe Russian Consulate in New York City has streaks ofFriday, red paint

In the meantime, the top European Union official for migration is encouraging member countries toStop issuing visas toRussian citizens are facing increased security concerns due to Putin’s nuclear threats. to annex parts of Ukraine.

Ylva Johansson, Migration Commissioner, called Putin’s actions “clearly a escalation” and said that it meant also an escalation. of the security threat toward the European Union.” She called on EU countries toForcibly moreStringent checks are conducted on Russian nationals. toAnyone who could pose a threat.

Ukraine accelerates bid to join NATO

Ukraine’s president on Friday said his country is submitting an “accelerated” application toJoin the NATO military alliance.

After Putin signed the treaties, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made his statement shortly afterwards to annexFour Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine and warned would protect the regions using “all available means.”

NATO application submitted by the Ukrainian leader adds another layer ofComplexity toThe conflict is now seven months old. Zelenskyy also reiterated his pledge toRetake all Ukrainian territory currently held by Russiawhich he stated “feels our strength.” He stated that Ukraine is open to dialogue with Moscow but not with “another president”. of Russia.”

NATO was not immediately available toPlease respond toQuestions about Ukraine’s “accelerated” application toIt would be a commitment to the alliance.

Ukraine, Georgia and Georgia are already considered “aspirant countries” for membership to the world’s largest security alliance. All 30 NATO allies would be involved. toAccept the country to join. – * Source link

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