Report: Chiefs All-Pro DT Chris Jones will sit out Week 1 against the Lions

Chris Jones Landing Spots: Chiefs All-Pro DT will not play Week 1 vs. Lions, per report

The Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl champions, will be without their star defensive tackle, Chris Jones, for the upcoming Week 1 matchup against the Detroit Lions. According to a recent report, Jones has been ruled out due to a lingering injury, leaving the Chiefs with a notable void in their defensive front. As the news of his absence spreads throughout the NFL, speculation about Jones’ future with the Chiefs and potential landing spots begin to emerge.

1. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts could be an intriguing landing spot for Chris Jones. With a solid defensive foundation in place, adding an elite talent like Jones would strengthen their already formidable defense. The Colts have been searching for a dominant presence on the interior defensive line, and Jones would be an ideal fit. Additionally, Indianapolis has the cap space to offer Jones a lucrative contract, making them a strong contender for his services.

2. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear that they prioritize improving their defense this offseason. With an already impressive offense, adding Chris Jones to their roster would further balance their team. Jones’ ability to generate pressure from the interior would greatly benefit the Cowboys’ pass rush, putting more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Pairing him with DeMarcus Lawrence could create a formidable duo for years to come.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Another potential landing spot for Chris Jones could be the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers showcased a dominant defense during their Super Bowl run last season, and adding Jones to their already stacked defensive line would be a nightmare for opposing offenses. With the ability to disrupt both the run and pass game, Jones would fit seamlessly into the 49ers’ scheme and help solidify their defensive dominance.

4. New York Giants

The New York Giants have been seeking to bolster their defense for years. With a young and promising roster, the addition of Chris Jones would provide a much-needed boost to their defensive line. Jones’ presence would not only improve their pass rush but also help in defending against the run. The Giants would benefit greatly from Jones’ disruptive abilities and leadership on the field.

5. Seattle Seahawks

Chris Jones joining the Seattle Seahawks could be an intriguing possibility. The Seahawks have been known for their strong defense, and adding Jones to their ranks would further establish them as a force to be reckoned with. Jones’ ability to collapse the pocket and disrupt pass plays would greatly benefit a team that has historically relied on a dominant defense.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (Contract Extension)

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his playing status for Week 1, the Kansas City Chiefs remain the favorites to retain Chris Jones. Jones has been a key component of the Chiefs’ success and played a significant role in their Super Bowl victory. It’s possible that both parties could come to an agreement on a contract extension in the coming weeks, solidifying Jones’ future with the Chiefs.


While Chris Jones’ absence in Week 1 against the Detroit Lions is a significant blow to the Kansas City Chiefs, it has sparked speculation about his future landing spots. Several teams, including the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and Seattle Seahawks, are potential suitors for his services. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Chiefs manage to secure a contract extension with Jones, ensuring that their All-Pro defensive tackle remains an integral part of their quest for another Super Bowl title.

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