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A remodel done by an expert team of luxury home builders looking to provide concierge services to homeowners can create a home that brings people back together. “At Ramos Construction, we understand the importance a home has to a family and we focus on building relationships that take every detail into account,” says James Ramos. “We remember houses were built to bring people together and we pride ourselves on bringing families back to the table.”

Family is something Ramos knows a lot about. He is the youngest of five boys and his family has been in the Tampa Bay area construction industry since 1956. On this basis, he has built a team of trustworthy builders and renovators, each with decades of experience in their field.

“I am fortunate to come from a family who have been in the Tampa construction business for over 65 years. We met a lot of great people who we have worked with over the years, ”says Ramos. “We have some great vendors that we work with to deliver some really polished and successful projects.”

And since the table is usually in or near the kitchen, Ramos knows how important this space is to a family. “It’s the center of the house and the most-used space in the house,” he says. “Upgrading your kitchen is the best investment you can make in your home.”

Kitchens are a Ramos Construction specialty, and as with all of their projects, they use a design-build approach – that is, they take care of both the design and construction rather than conceptualizing it and offering it to another contractor. Team members on both the design and engineering side work together towards a common goal.

“The benefits of design-build outside of time efficiency would be cost and flexibility,” explains Ramos. “Of course everyone wants to get a project under budget. When a contractor works with a designer – like an architect with an engineer or an interior designer, or all three work together – you not only get a great design but also a lower cost the way. It’s a much cleaner and more accurate process. “

“Contractors who work with designers work pretty well together,” he adds. “Sometimes when you are renovating, you don’t really know what you’re getting into until you open the walls. Often times we will do demolition work before we finalize our design plans. “

Back kitchens, where appliances like the oven and refrigerator are hidden in the pantry, are trendy this year.

One of the most overlooked questions that should be answered before hiring a designer is who is making their network of vendors. The success of the work of a designer or builder depends to a large extent on the quality of the subcontractors, workers and manufacturers who support the builder.

“At Ramos we pride ourselves on our supplier relationships,” says Ramos. “We take care of you and thus you take care of us and our customers. While my family is deeply rooted in floors, counters, and closets through businesses owned by one of the Ramos brothers, we are constantly meeting new and emerging vendors. “

Ramos can provide designers with all the tools they need to realize their vision, from helping with 3D drawing to simply making the designs as they envisioned.

“We can work with a client’s designer or work directly with designers, real estate agents and their clients,” he adds. “We developed a support process specifically in the design and prep phase that allows design professionals to do more work and do more of what they love to do – design!”

Ramos says the remodeling process is a bit like planning a big party. Before you can order the flowers, call the caterer, and schedule the band, you need to understand the client’s budget and vision for their home. He has developed a proprietary four-step process called the Ramos Way that highlights the four key elements of a proper home renovation: Explore, Engage, Execute, and Occupy.

“Whether you are a homeowner or a designer, the Ramos Way is designed to harness everyone’s skills and abilities to create dream homes from scratch or within existing buildings,” explains Ramos.

Learn more about each of these steps and how the Ramos Way helps bring your family back to the table here.

Ramos and his team design kitchens with beauty and muscle, including double-sized islands, double sinks and dishwashers, double trash cans and large drawers. Do you want to buy this house? Contact Travis Bell with Keller Williams at (813) 931-5000.


The first step on the Ramos path is simple but important. After requesting your free consultation, learn more about the Ramos team and the Ramos team more about you and your renovation goals. “With a renovation we visit a customer at his home. We identify the scope of the project and get an overview of what they want to achieve, ”says Ramos. His team then summarizes all of these details in a short, one-page assignment letter that includes an overall budget and schedule.


At this point, it’s time to get into the details. “For a renovation, we need an inventory of the house, which is a schematic design of the existing structure, followed by a design of the new floor area. Both are prerequisites for approval, ”says Ramos. His team then puts your detailed design decisions over this schematic to create a specification document. “That tells us, do you want wooden floors? Do you want tiles or stone? What should the cabinets look like? How many drawers do you need? All the things you would expect from a home. “For roughly every day spent preparing the design, you will save about 15 days on construction, according to Ramos.

“After completing this Engage step, you have a really good recipe for success for the project,” adds Ramos. “You will have a contract with detailed specifications and a solid budget.”

Large plug-in drawers provide storage space to avoid the need for wall units and to have a functional wall over the entire area


“Execution is very important because it begins with the plans being prepared for approval and submitting for approval, regardless of whether it is a township or a county,” says Ramos. Then it’s time for the Ramos team of dedicated artisans and key strategic vendors to get to work. “During this time, while we wait, we secure all orders, procure all goods for the project, get more detailed costs from our subcontractors, and put the whole project together to complete in a very short time. ”


The ultimate goal of any Ramos renovation project is to provide the homeowner with an innovative, luxurious home that they can enjoy with their family for years to come. “The Occupy move is taking pride in what we do and the best place to be, especially for the homeowner,” says Ramos. His team will complete the final cleaning, tie up loose ends, and even call in manufacturer representatives to guide homeowners through the new appliances, air conditioning or other cutting edge technology in their newly renovated space. Ramos projects conclude with a house maintenance contract in order to keep customers on the quality path for years. Recently, Ramos Construction set up a maintenance department that serves all homeowners regardless of whether they have previously worked with the company or not. “For many of our customers, we maintain their houses for years after they have been built,” says Ramos. “We come full circle. It makes a lot of fun.”

Call (813) 259-1111 or visit to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with Ramos Construction today.

James Ramos, general contractor for Ramos Construction

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