Proven NFL Model Unveils Sleepers in Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Spotlight on Tony Pollard’s Impressive Season

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Sleepers from Proven NFL Model That Nailed Tony Pollard’s Strong Season

Fantasy football enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next breakout star or sleeper player who can provide an edge in their leagues. With every passing season, the search for hidden gems becomes even more intense as the competition grows fiercer. In this article, we will explore the fantasy football rankings for 2023 and uncover some sleepers from a proven NFL model that accurately predicted Tony Pollard’s impressive performance. Get ready to gain an advantage in your fantasy league with these under-the-radar players who could potentially be game-changers.

The Importance of Sleepers in Fantasy Football

In fantasy football, sleepers are players who are typically undervalued or overlooked by most fantasy owners. These players often have the potential to outperform their average draft positions and become key contributors to a fantasy team’s success. Identifying sleepers is crucial for gaining an edge in your league, as it allows you to draft hidden gems at a lower cost, freeing up resources to target more high-profile players.

The Proven NFL Model: Nailing Tony Pollard’s Strong Season

Before diving into the sleepers for 2023, let’s take a closer look at the proven NFL model that accurately predicted Tony Pollard’s breakout season. This model utilizes advanced analytics, historical data, and in-depth player analysis to identify players with the potential for a significant uptick in performance.

In the case of Tony Pollard, the NFL model identified his explosive playmaking ability, his increasing role in the Dallas Cowboys’ offense, and the potential for him to be utilized in various ways. As a result, fantasy owners who had the foresight to draft Pollard reaped the rewards, as he proved to be a valuable asset both as a backup running back and in certain game scripts where he outperformed the more established starter.

2023 Fantasy Football Rankings: Sleepers to Target

Now that we understand the importance of sleepers and the effectiveness of the NFL model, let’s delve into some intriguing sleepers for the 2023 fantasy football season.

1. Javonte Williams – RB – Denver Broncos

Javonte Williams is a talented rookie running back who is set to share the backfield with Melvin Gordon for the Denver Broncos. However, many experts believe that Williams has the potential to take over the lead role sooner rather than later. With his strong physicality, speed, and agility, Williams is primed to excel in the NFL and become a crucial asset for fantasy owners willing to take a chance on him.

2. Rashod Bateman – WR – Baltimore Ravens

Rashod Bateman is another rookie who has the potential to make a significant impact in the fantasy football realm. As a highly regarded wide receiver prospect, Bateman possesses excellent route-running skills and has shown a strong connection with quarterback Lamar Jackson during training camp and preseason. With the Baltimore Ravens’ offense evolving to incorporate more passing plays, Bateman could emerge as a valuable target for Jackson, making him an intriguing fantasy sleeper pick.

3. Tyler Higbee – TE – Los Angeles Rams

While Tyler Higbee has shown glimpses of his potential in previous seasons, he has yet to fully break out as a top-tier tight end. However, with the departure of Gerald Everett, Higbee is projected to assume a larger role in the Los Angeles Rams’ offense. As quarterback Matthew Stafford settles into the system, Higbee possesses the skills and size to become a reliable target in the red zone, making him an appealing sleeper pick at the tight end position.

4. Trey Lance – QB – San Francisco 49ers

As the eventual successor to veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance has the potential to make a significant impact once he assumes the starting role for the San Francisco 49ers. Known for his dual-threat abilities, Lance can contribute both as a passer and a rusher, making him an intriguing fantasy option. While there may be some initial bumps in the road for the rookie quarterback, his upside and potential for explosive performances make him an enticing sleeper pick for the 2023 season.

5. Curtis Samuel – WR – Washington Football Team

Curtis Samuel is a versatile wide receiver who recently joined the Washington Football Team after spending his first four seasons with the Carolina Panthers. With his ability to line up in multiple positions and his explosive speed, Samuel has the potential to thrive in Washington’s offense alongside quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. If he can build a strong rapport with Fitzpatrick, Samuel could see an increase in targets and become a valuable fantasy asset in 2023.


In fantasy football, identifying sleepers is essential for gaining an edge over your competition. The proven NFL model that accurately predicted Tony Pollard’s breakout season in 2022 provides valuable insights into potential sleeper picks for the upcoming 2023 season. Players like Javonte Williams, Rashod Bateman, Tyler Higbee, Trey Lance, and Curtis Samuel all possess the talent and potential to outperform their average draft positions and become key contributors to your fantasy team’s success. By doing thorough research and considering the insights provided by proven models, you can make informed decisions and potentially unearth the next sleeper gem that propels your team to victory in the 2023 fantasy football season.

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