President Biden’s COVID diagnosis shines new light on a never-ending virus

President Biden's COVID diagnosis shines new light on a never-ending virus

TAMPA, Fla. — Since March 2020, we’ve all lived with the novel coronavirus. But with President Joe Biden’sPositive COVIDAll eyes are back for the -19 test onThe virusHow the 79 year-old commander-in-chief is doing.

Biden was positive for the first-ever time. virus. However, this is not the first occasion. aThe sitting president has been forced to resign COVID-19.

Former PresidentDonald Trump passed the test. Since then, medical advances have allowed for the continued saving of lives.

“PresidentTrump became sick before the vaccines,” Dr. Michael Teng of USF Health, an associate professor of medicine, stated. “So, PresidentBiden was not only boosted but doubled his performance. The monoclonal antibody that he has been boosted by is also noteworthy. PresidentTrump has resigned from his job.”

Biden, now 79, is experiencing “very mild symptoms” and is on Paxlovid. White House press secretary Karinejean-Pierre stated in a statement.

“The president is double-boosted and fully vaccinated. This dramatically reduces the risk of serious illness. He is also being treated with a”Very powerful anti-viral, which further lowers his risk for serious illness,” Dr. Ashish Jha of the White House COVID-19 coordinator, said. “If you’re over 50 and haven’t had the vaccine shot by 2022, it is time to get one.”

Dr. Teng stated that it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as possible for severe diseases.

“The severe COVIDIt is after the virusDr. Teng stated that the severe was gone. Dr. Teng stated that the severe COVIDDisease is the body’s immune response to inflammation. It doesn’t have much in common with other diseases. virusAt that point. The sooner you get rid of everything, the better. virusThe less likely the disease progresses to severe, the better COVID.”

People should remember the following: virusThe variant we see today is different from the original strain, and smarter.

Dr. Teng stated that “I think we see this is evolution working.” This is real-time monitoring a virusTo be more effective in infecting people, we must evolve. To avoid the immune response humans attempt to mount to stop the spread of the disease. virus.”

According to health officials, the vaccine remains the best defense against the spread of the disease. virus, Hospitalization, and Death

“And, I think that one of the things that needs changing with the CDC guidance, is that getting that two-dose primary series is no longer considered fully vaccinated, because it is the only way to get them. virus”has evolved at this point in order to avoid immunity,” Dr. Teng stated. “If you’re eligible for abooster, if you are eligible for the second booster. The second booster is available to anyone over 50. – * Source link

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