Prepare for November Madness: Ranking the Best Eight College Basketball Tournaments of 2023

Ranking the Top Eight In-Season College Basketball Tournaments for 2023: Get Ready for November Madness

College basketball fans eagerly anticipate the start of each season, as it brings a plethora of exciting in-season tournaments that showcase the best teams in the nation. These tournaments not only provide intense competition but also serve as a litmus test for teams early in the season. With the 2023 season just around the corner, it’s time to rank the top eight in-season college basketball tournaments that will undoubtedly create November madness. Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride through these phenomenal events.

1. Maui Invitational

The Maui Invitational reigns supreme as one of the most prestigious in-season tournaments. Held in the picturesque Hawaiian island, this tournament brings together eight top-notch teams, creating an electrifying atmosphere. With its stunning locations and competitive matchups, the Maui Invitational is always a highlight for college basketball enthusiasts.

The tournament’s rich history, combined with the allure of Hawaii, makes it a must-watch event. Fans are treated to a week of thrilling games inside the Lahaina Civic Center, surrounded by the beauty of the island. With big-name schools consistently participating, the Maui Invitational never fails to deliver on excitement and high-quality basketball.

2. Battle 4 Atlantis

The Battle 4 Atlantis stands as another premier college basketball tournament, held in Nassau, Bahamas. This event boasts an impressive lineup of top-tier teams, setting the stage for intense competition amidst the beautiful Caribbean setting.

The Atlantis Resort and the Imperial Arena provide a stunning backdrop for the action on the court. With its out-of-conference matchups, the Battle 4 Atlantis offers an extraordinary chance for teams to test themselves against formidable opponents early in the season.

3. Champions Classic

The Champions Classic is a true beginning-of-the-season spectacle. Organized by ESPN in a rotating host format, this tournament brings together four powerhouse programs, ushering in the new season with a bang.

Through the years, the Champions Classic has consistently featured top-ranked teams. Fans are treated to exhilarating matchups, often pitting basketball giants against each other. This tournament showcases elite talent, coaching prowess, and promises high-intensity basketball right from tip-off.

4. CBS Sports Classic

The CBS Sports Classic, held in December, offers a unique blend of college basketball tradition and star-studded matchups. Four perennial powerhouses square off in this event, creating an electrifying atmosphere for fans and players alike.

With teams like Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State, and UCLA regularly participating, the CBS Sports Classic brings together some of the most storied basketball programs. This tournament never fails to provide exciting games that leave fans on the edge of their seats.

5. Orlando Invitational

The Orlando Invitational, formerly known as the Advocare Invitational, is a Thanksgiving-week tradition for college basketball enthusiasts. This tournament showcases a notable mix of established programs and up-and-coming teams, providing an excellent platform for early-season surprises.

Located at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, the Orlando Invitational offers an ideal backdrop for teams to showcase their talents. With thrilling matchups and the promise of upsets, this tournament continues to captivate the attention of fans.

6. Wooden Legacy

The legacy of legendary coach John Wooden is honored each year through the Wooden Legacy tournament. This event celebrates the game of basketball and highlights the principles that Wooden so passionately emphasized.

With its prestigious history, the Wooden Legacy attracts top-caliber teams looking to honor the sport’s greatest figures. The tournament takes place in Anaheim, California, and serves as a fitting tribute to a man whose influence still resonates in the college basketball world.

7. Battle for Atlantis

While not to be confused with the Battle 4 Atlantis, the Battle for Atlantis is a high-profile tournament held in Nassau, Bahamas, featuring mid-major programs. This event brings together teams looking to make a national statement and showcases the growing parity in college basketball.

The Battle for Atlantis provides an excellent opportunity for mid-major programs to challenge themselves against fellow underdogs while gaining exposure on a national stage. The tournament’s unique blend of high-level basketball and the allure of the Caribbean creates a compelling atmosphere for both fans and players.

8. Charleston Classic

Last but certainly not least, the Charleston Classic wraps up our ranking of the top eight in-season college basketball tournaments. This event, held in South Carolina, showcases a diverse range of teams looking to prove themselves early in the season.

The Charleston Classic brings together an exciting mix of programs from various conferences, resulting in intriguing matchups that often fly under the radar. Fans can expect surprising results, breakout performances, and a chance to discover the next Cinderella story.


The college basketball season is a thrilling time for fans, and in-season tournaments only add to the excitement. The top eight events listed above are sure to deliver intense competition, captivating storylines, and memorable moments. Whether it’s the allure of Hawaii, the Caribbean ambiance, or the chance to witness historical legacies, these tournaments offer something for every college basketball enthusiast. So mark your calendars and get ready for November madness like no other!

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