Predicted Busts in Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Insights from an NFL Model that Accurately Forecasted Ezekiel Elliott’s Underwhelming Performance

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Busts from the Same NFL Model that Called Ezekiel Elliott’s Disappointing Season


Fantasy football is a game of strategy and skill, where fans can live out their dreams of managing their own team. Every year, fantasy football enthusiasts eagerly await the release of player rankings to help them make informed decisions during their draft. With the 2023 season just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at potential busts predicted by the same NFL model that accurately called Ezekiel Elliott’s disappointing performance. Let’s dive into these rankings and analyze the players who might not live up to their expectations.

1. Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes has been a fantasy football superstar for the past few seasons, but the 2023 rankings suggest that he might not live up to the lofty expectations this time around. The model points to a potential regression in Mahomes’ numbers due to a more balanced offensive approach by the Chiefs. While he will still be a top-tier quarterback, his performance might not warrant a first-round pick as it did in previous years.

2. Saquon Barkley – Running Back, New York Giants

Saquon Barkley, when healthy, is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic running backs in the league. However, injuries have plagued Barkley in recent seasons, and the model predicts a continued risk of further setbacks. The Giants’ offensive line also raises concerns, affecting Barkley’s potential productivity. Fantasy owners should exercise caution when considering Barkley as a high draft pick and weigh the potential risks against the rewards.

3. Michael Thomas – Wide Receiver, New Orleans Saints

Michael Thomas has been one of the most dominant wide receivers in fantasy football, but his 2022 season was plagued by injuries, contributing to a disappointing performance. The model suggests that Thomas might struggle to regain his elite form, with questions surrounding the Saints’ quarterback situation and a potential decline in overall offensive production. While Thomas still holds value as a wide receiver, fantasy managers should temper their expectations when considering him for their roster.

4. T.J. Hockenson – Tight End, Detroit Lions

T.J. Hockenson emerged as a reliable tight end option in fantasy football in recent years, but the 2023 rankings raise concerns about his potential regression. With a new coaching staff and uncertainty at the quarterback position, Hockenson’s production might take a hit. While he remains a viable option at tight end, fantasy managers should be cautious about pinning their hopes on him as a top-tier player at the position.

5. Stefon Diggs – Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

Stefon Diggs had a breakout season in 2020, leading the league in receptions and receiving yards. However, the 2023 rankings suggest that Diggs may not be able to replicate that success. The model points to increased defensive attention and potential changes in the Bills’ offensive scheme as factors that could limit Diggs’ production. While he should still be a valuable asset, fantasy owners should manage their expectations and consider this potential decline in his performance.

6. Travis Etienne – Running Back, Jacksonville Jaguars

Travis Etienne was expected to make an immediate impact as a rookie but suffered a season-ending injury before the 2021 campaign even began. Now, the 2023 rankings suggest that his return may not be as impactful as anticipated. The presence of fellow running back James Robinson and uncertainty surrounding the Jaguars’ offense limit Etienne’s potential breakout and make him a riskier draft choice than initially expected.


Fantasy football rankings are essential tools for drafting a successful team. While they provide valuable insights, it’s crucial to remember that no model or prediction is infallible. The players mentioned in this article have the potential to underperform based on the NFL model’s projections. However, fantasy football is a game of uncertainty, and unexpected breakthroughs or disappointments are frequent. It’s important for fantasy managers to conduct thorough research, consider multiple factors, and trust their instincts when making draft decisions. Good luck and may your 2023 fantasy season be filled with success!

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