Pinecone Jam Is Luring TikTok To Taste The Forest

Pinecone Jam Is Luring TikTok To Taste The Forest

TheLatest food trends TikTokIt is adorable and has many possibilities. Atlas Obscura says that pine cone jam is being tried out by many people. It is a popular food in Russian and Georgian cultures. One poster describes the jam as “one of my favorite foods lately.” The jam can be used to complement a charcuterie board, as viewers suggested in the comments.

Gardenista stated that pinecone jelly can be used as a “conversation starter” for a cheese platter. For a sweet and crunchy touch, you can also use the cones to top savory dishes. TheYou can add syrup to your vegetables and desserts.

The overall reaction to pinecone jam was positive TikTokIt is clear that users want to know more about the product and make their own decisions. This food trend is defined by curiosity. One commenter was incredulous and wrote: “I know it’s pine cone jam, BUT I DON’T KNOW THAT YOU COULD ACTUALLY Eat THEM.”

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