Palma Sola South swim advisory remains in effect while all other advisories lifted in Manatee County

Manatee County Swim Advisories Lifted, Except for Palma Sola South

Manatee County, located on the sunny coast of Florida, is renowned for its magnificent beaches and vibrant marine life. However, recent concerns over water quality have led to several swim advisories, aiming to protect visitors from potential health hazards. Fortunately, there is good news for beachgoers as most of the county’s swim advisories have been lifted, allowing residents and tourists to make the most of the beautiful coastal scenery once again. While most areas are safe for swimming, Palma Sola South remains under caution due to elevated levels of bacteria, prompting continued monitoring and precautions.

1. Understanding Swim Advisories

Swim advisories serve as precautionary measures to safeguard the public from potential waterborne illnesses, such as gastrointestinal issues and skin infections. These advisories are issued when water samples indicate elevated levels of fecal bacteria, a common indicator of potential contamination. The authorities diligently test the water quality at various beaches and, based on the results, make informed decisions regarding swimming advisories.

2. Successful Water Quality Improvement Efforts

Manatee County has been actively working to improve water quality in its coastal areas. Through rigorous water monitoring programs and collaborative efforts among local government agencies, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens, significant progress has been made. As a result, swim advisories have been lifted from most of the county’s beaches, including Anna Maria Bayfront Park, Bean Point, and Coquina Beach.

3. Continued Challenge at Palma Sola South

Despite the overall improvement, Palma Sola South beach continues to face challenges in maintaining water quality. The elevated bacteria levels found in this area have necessitated the retention of swim advisories. The authorities are committed to exploring the root causes behind this persistent issue and implementing effective measures to rectify it.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Precautions

In order to ensure the safety of beachgoers, Manatee County will continue to closely monitor the water quality at Palma Sola South. Daily sampling and testing will be conducted to determine when it is safe to lift the swim advisory. In the interim, visitors to the area are encouraged to exercise caution and follow the guidance provided by lifeguards and local authorities.

5. Importance of Responsible Beach-Goers

While the authorities strive to maintain water quality, it is crucial for beach visitors to play their part in preserving the pristine environment. Responsible beach-goers should avoid littering, dispose of waste properly, and refrain from feeding wildlife. Additionally, individuals should refrain from swimming if they have an open wound to minimize the risk of infection.

6. Future Plans for Water Quality Management

The persistence of challenges in certain areas of Manatee County highlights the need for continued efforts to improve water quality throughout the region. The local government, in collaboration with environmental organizations and community stakeholders, is actively working on long-term strategies to address these concerns. These plans include stormwater management programs, education and awareness campaigns, and the implementation of eco-friendly practices to safeguard the area’s fragile ecosystem.


Manatee County’s swim advisories have been largely lifted, signaling positive strides in water quality improvement. While beachgoers can enjoy most of the county’s stunning beaches without restrictions, the swim advisory at Palma Sola South remains in effect due to elevated levels of bacteria. Ongoing monitoring and precautionary measures will be taken to rectify the situation and ensure the safety of the public. By working together and adopting responsible behaviors, both locals and tourists can contribute to the preservation of Manatee County’s pristine coastal environment for future generations to enjoy.

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