One Day University brings top professors online with streaming courses

One Day University brings top professors online with streaming courses

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For 14 years, One Day University has brought together hundreds of the best professors in the country to present one-day versions of their best lectures with no homework, grades, or tests. Before the pandemic, One Day University hosted hugely popular seminars in 61 cities across the country, given by professors from Harvard, Yale, Colombia, Stanford, Cornell, and dozens of other schools. Of course, everything changed in 2020.

With in-person events canceled, One Day University quickly switched to an online membership model. The new program, which costs $ 8.95 per month or $ 89 per year (read more for exclusive discount information), is modeled on that of Netflix or Spotify. Members can attend new live streaming lectures five days a week at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. There they can use the “chat roll” to ask questions to professors in order to improve the cognitive experience.

All live streaming lectures are added to the extensive video library as soon as they are broadcast, so you can enjoy them on your schedule. This rapidly growing library now contains over 500 fascinating lectures that are available upon request.

The One Day University is known for unique, interesting and varied topics. Popular recent lectures include The Science of Happiness, The Mind of Abraham Lincoln, Four Films That Changed America, and The Five Most Powerful People in the World.

Professor Caroline Winterer of Stanford University speaks at a one-day lecture at the university

Members of One Day University have praised the program, which some say was a life-saving activity for staying stimulated and keeping your day structured. “It was a great feeling to learn from a college professor,” said member Robert Norman. “For a couple of hours I felt like I was 19 again.”

Members Bill and Linda Spider sang similar hymns of praise. “A great idea. Every lecture was informative and well presented. The variety of speakers and topics was particularly valuable. We will take part again and again.”

As of April 2020, One Day University has added more than 21,000 new online members. Recently, they also launched premium programs for lifelong learners who want to dig deeper into topics like Civil War, Wine, Universe, and other fascinating subjects in longer, in-depth courses.

One Day University is currently offering a two-week, no-obligation trial version to anyone who signs up for membership. Tampa Magazine readers can save even more when they choose an annual plan. Simply select “Annual Plan” at checkout and enter the code TAMPAMAG to access a full year for 72 USD (20% discount). Click here to learn today.

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