On the Job: Xavier spends day as a sanitation driver

On the Job: Xavier spends day as a sanitation driver

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Since theMany are affected by pandemics sanitationWorkers have left their jobs.

Private garbage disposal companies and public works departments are available around the world theCountry claims they have a shortage of staff.

News Channel 8 highlights industries that are experiencing shortages of workers. XavierHarris aTake a ride with one the City of Tampa’s sanitationThursday drivers

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy,”Fabian Blakely told the story Xavier. “All the time you have different challenges that present itself.”

Some of the challenges are low hanging trees or kids running in. theRoad and weather conditions

However Xavier couldn’t drive the truck due to safety reasons—”You have to go through aBackground checks are done to ensure you are clean. a CDL license,” Blakely told him—Xavier did get thePossibility to operate theGrabber claw used to collect trash from cans theSide of the road. All are possible to catch theAction in theVideo above.

The City Of Tampa is seeking 12 applicants driver positions.

To be eligible theOne must understand how to operate and maintain a job. aFront-loading commercial refuse trucks and/or side/rear loading refuse vehicles. Have an understanding of the characteristics of front-loading commercial waste vehicles and/or side/rear loading refuse vehicles. Also, have an understanding about occupational hazards and safety precautions.

Apply for thePosition the city’s website.

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