Officials give glimpse into new project with 22-mile trail for bikers, pedestrians

Officials give glimpse into new project with 22-mile trail for bikers, pedestrians

Transportation officials give glimpse into new project with 22-mile trail for pedestrians

Kellie Cowan reports

Tampa‘s neighbors have been clamoring for a more likable and walkable city for years, and transportation officials will provide a glimpse of Tampa‘s bike and pedestrian friendly future Wednesday. 

Tampa’s mobility department will hold a virtual conversation about its Green ARTery project at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The Green ARTery would give pedestrians and bicyclists a safe 22-mile trail that hugs the Hillsborough river, links to parks and trails and connects neighborhoods with Tampa’s downtown.

The plan calls for new signage, street markings, speed cushions, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks. 

The safety mechanisms are designed to slow down traffic and make drivers more aware of the presence of people on bikes or on foot. 

“This is a part of the whole plan to try to make walking and getting around a safer and more enjoyable experience,” said Tampa Infrastructure and Mobility Coordinator Brandie Miklus. 

Similar road improvements have begun in other parts of Tampa. Many are excited to see widespread expansion and safer ways to get around car-free.

“Adding more crosswalks and lanes that are separated from everything else, wider sidewalks so pedestrians and bicyclists have some space, it’s what this city has needed for a long time,” said Blacklist Bike Shop’s Matthew Desormeaux. 

Tonight’s virtual meeting will focus on a segment of the trail in the northern part of Old Seminole Heights and the southern part of Sulphur Springs.

Learn more about the project and get the link to the Microsoft Teams meeting by clicking here. 

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