NFL Week 3 Injury Updates: Austin Ekeler, Anthony Richardson Ruled Out; Patriots Face Defensive Setback as Star Cornerback Downgraded

NFL Week 3 Injury Reports: Austin Ekeler, Anthony Richardson Out; Patriots Get Thinner at CB, Downgrade Star

As the NFL season charges ahead, teams are starting to experience the unfortunate reality of injuries. Week 3 brought about some significant casualties, with notable players being sidelined. In this injury report, we’ll take a closer look at the status of Austin Ekeler and Anthony Richardson, along with the New England Patriots’ struggles at cornerback and their impact on a star player.

Austin Ekeler’s Misfortune

One of the most concerning injuries of Week 3 was suffered by Los Angeles Chargers’ running back, Austin Ekeler. During their game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Ekeler suffered a hamstring injury that forced him out of the game. The team initially had hopes of him returning soon, but it has now been confirmed that he will be out for multiple weeks.

Ekeler has been a key contributor to the Chargers’ offense, providing a dual threat as a runner and a receiver. Losing him for an extended period will undoubtedly be a blow to the team. Fantasy football managers who have relied on Ekeler’s consistent production will also need to explore other options to fill the void.

Anthony Richardson’s Unfortunate Exit

Another player who experienced an unlucky injury in Week 3 was Florida Gators’ quarterback, Anthony Richardson. Richardson had been making waves with his impressive performances in the first two games of the season. However, during their game against the Tennessee Volunteers, he suffered a strained hamstring while running for a touchdown.

The Gators’ coaching staff has expressed optimism about Richardson’s recovery, stating that he should return to action in a few weeks. Nevertheless, his absence will be felt on the field, as Richardson’s playmaking abilities have been instrumental in the team’s early success. It will be interesting to see how backup quarterback Emory Jones steps up in Richardson’s absence and whether he can maintain the momentum for the Gators.

New England Patriots’ Struggle at Cornerback

The New England Patriots have been hit hard by injuries, particularly in their secondary. Week 3 saw cornerback J.C. Jackson miss the game against the New York Jets due to a knee injury. This further compounds the team’s already thin depth at the position, as star cornerback Stephon Gilmore remains on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

The lack of depth in the Patriots’ cornerback group was evident in their game against the Jets, as rookie Jalen Mills struggled in coverage. The Patriots will need to explore possible solutions to shore up their secondary, as opposing offenses will undoubtedly target the weaker cornerback position. The success of their defense will heavily rely on finding suitable replacements or getting their injured players back on the field as soon as possible.

Impact on a Star Player

Stephon Gilmore, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, finds himself in a particularly unfortunate situation due to the Patriots’ cornerback issues. Gilmore is currently on the PUP list and will be required to miss at least six games before he is eligible to return. The Patriots’ inability to solidify the cornerback position only puts more pressure on Gilmore’s return and raises concerns about his potential chemistry with new defensive pieces.

Furthermore, attempts to renegotiate Gilmore’s contract have proved unsuccessful so far. This injury setback could potentially downgrade his contract negotiations and affect his future with the team. The Patriots’ handling of the cornerback position will play a crucial role in how they manage the situation with their star player.


Injuries are an unfortunate reality in the NFL, and Week 3 showcased the impact they can have on teams and players alike. The absence of Austin Ekeler and Anthony Richardson will test the depth and resilience of their respective teams. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots’ struggles at cornerback highlight the importance of a strong secondary and the impact it can have on star players like Stephon Gilmore. As the season progresses, teams will need to adjust, adapt, and find solutions to overcome these injuries and maintain their competitive edge.

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