New poll reveals that President’s ‘Bidenomics’ message may not be resonating with Americans as he anticipates.

President’s ‘Bidenomics’ messaging may not have effect on Americans he thinks it does, new poll finds

Only a few months in his presidency, Joe Biden has done his best to bring the country back from an economic crisis caused by the pandemic. With a new recovery plan, he claims to get America back on its feet with his ambitious proposals. However, a recent poll has shown that Americans aren’t quite as receptive to his ‘Bidenomics’ messaging as he may believe and that it might not be able to make the kind of impact the current administration is hoping for.

What is Bidenomics?

Bidenomics is the economic policy that Joe Biden has promised to implement. It consists of stimulus checks, investments in green energy infrastructure, and tax hikes on the wealthy. The main goal of this policy is to help America recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and create jobs in the process. His policy aims to make America more equal and fairer for everyone by bringing about some much-needed change.

The Poll and Its Findings

A new poll by CNBC and Change Research has found that Americans are not entirely convinced by the Bidenomics messaging so far. The poll shows that only 45% of Americans believe that Biden’s economic policy will help the middle class, and only 41% of Americans believe that Biden’s economic policy will help create jobs. The results of the poll also showed that 56% of Americans are concerned about inflation, and the same percentage believes that the increasing prices of goods and services are affecting their lives.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that while Biden’s policies sound wonderful in theory, they aren’t obviously making a significant impact on American life. The messaging is not getting through to most Americans, and many feel that their quality of life hasn’t changed much, if at all. This is a serious issue for the Biden administration as they need the support of the American people, particularly when it comes to their economic policies.

Why Are Americans Skeptical?

There are a few reasons why Americans may be skeptical of Bidenomics. Firstly, there is no denying that the rise in inflation has been causing concern across the country, and people worry that it will make basic goods and services become more expensive. Secondly, the Biden administration has yet to articulate the benefits of his economic policy in a way that the average American can understand. Finally, the Americans may be hesitant to trust the Biden administration after the previous administration’s famous mishandling of the pandemic.

What Can Be Done to Improve Bidenomics’ Messaging?

The Biden administration has a firm responsibility to improve the way it communicates its economic policy. They need to break the messaging down into bite-size pieces that people can understand. They also need to show how their policies can benefit the average American rather than focusing on the wealth gap and green energy, which can sometimes be challenging for people to relate to. Finally, they must show evidence of the policy working in practice and explain how these changes lead to improvements in both the economy and people’s daily lives.


In sum, the poll shows that Biden’s economic policies aren’t making the kind of impact he may have hoped for. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Americans are willing to listen if the messaging is clear and relatable. The Biden administration must now work to improve the way it communicates these policies, identifying, and addressing the issues the American people are facing, allowing them to see the impact of these policies on their daily lives. Only then can Bidenomics become the solution to America’s economic woes of the pandemic.

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