New management to remove Trump name from Waikiki Beach hotel

Waikiki Beach hotel gets rid of Trump name, to have new management

The Trump name has become synonymous with controversy in recent years. And now the name will be removed from the Waikiki Beach hotel, which will be under new management. As a result, the owners of the hotel have announced that they will remove the Trump name from the building. This move is expected to happen in late 2020.


The hotel had been operating under the name “Trump International Hotel Waikiki” since 2009. The hotel is located in Hawaii, a state that has a large Asian population. The Trump administration has been hostile to Asian immigrants, with President Trump even referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus.” As a result, the hotel’s reputation suffered, and many people boycotted it. The hotel’s occupancy rate decreased drastically, and the owners decided to change management.

New Management

The new owners of the hotel, a joint venture between Deutsche Bank and the Japanese company, GIC, are planning to rebrand the hotel. GIC is a sovereign wealth fund that manages Singapore’s foreign reserves. Deutsche Bank is known for financing the Trump Organization in the past. However, the bank’s current management is distancing itself from the Trump administration.

With this move, the new owners are hoping to distance the hotel from the negative reputation associated with the Trump name. They’re planning to invest $60 million in renovating the hotel. The new management has not yet announced what the new name of the hotel will be.


The new management will face many challenges in rebranding the hotel. The hotel’s reputation has suffered significantly under the Trump name. Many people boycotted the hotel due to President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. The hotel’s occupancy rate dropped by more than 30%, and the owners were forced to sell.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the hotel industry. Many hotels all over the world have had to close down due to lack of business. The new owners of the Waikiki Beach hotel will have to come up with creative strategies to attract customers and rebuild the hotel’s reputation.

The Impact

The removal of the Trump name from the hotel will have a significant impact on the hotel’s image. The Trump name has become synonymous with controversy in recent years, and many people associate it with negativity. By removing the name, the new management is hoping to attract a more diverse clientele.

The hotel’s location in Hawaii means that it caters primarily to tourists. Many tourists are attracted to Hawaii because of its culture, which values diversity and inclusivity. The new management’s decision to rebrand the hotel will help it appeal to this demographic.


The removal of the Trump name from the Waikiki Beach hotel is an important step in distancing the hotel from the negative reputation associated with the Trump brand. The new management is investing significant amounts of money to renovate the hotel and create a new brand identity. Although it will face many challenges in doing so, the new management’s decision to remove the Trump name is an important step in the right direction.

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