New car awarded to TikTok user for viral video featuring fire-resistant Stanley tumbler

Viral TikTok video lands user a new car after her Stanley tumbler withstands fire

Have you ever seen a viral video that landed the user a new car? Well, it just happened to one lucky TikTok user. Her video showed her trusty Stanley tumbler surviving a fire, and it went viral, reaching over 11 million views. The company took notice and offered her a brand new car as a reward for her dedication to their product. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this incredible story and how social media can lead to incredible opportunities.

The Viral Video

When TikTok user @eternalsummershy posted a video of her Stanley tumbler surviving a fire, she never expected it to go viral. However, her video quickly gained momentum and amassed over 11 million views. The video shows her tumbler melting the straw attached to it, but the tumbler itself remained intact despite the extreme heat.

This video serves as a testament to the durability of the Stanley tumbler and demonstrates the trust customers have in the brand. People were impressed with the tumbler’s ability to withstand such high temperatures and decided to share the video with their friends and family.

The Recognition

When the viral video caught the attention of Stanley, they knew they had to do something to honor the user’s dedication to the product. In a world where viral videos and social media are king, Stanley recognized the importance of rewarding the users who help spread awareness of their brand.

Stanley decided to gift the user with a brand new car as a reward for her loyalty to their brand. They recognized that this user’s story was a perfect example of their brand’s values, and they wanted to thank her for sharing her experience with their product.

The Power of Social Media

This story highlights the enormous power that social media platforms such as TikTok have in promoting brands. In just a few short days, this viral video not only propelled the user to social media fame but also helped to increase awareness of the quality of the Stanley tumbler.

Social media platforms provide a unique way for users to showcase their experiences with brands, and companies are taking notice. This story serves as a reminder that social media is a valuable tool for not only increasing brand awareness but also for rewarding loyal customers who take the time to showcase their products.

The Importance of Customer Loyalty

This story also underscores the importance of customer loyalty. Stanley recognized that the user’s video highlighted a core value of their brand: durability. They recognized their brand’s strengths and rewarded the customer with a car as a sign of thanks for promoting their values online.

By focusing on customer loyalty, companies can create a strong sense of connection with their customers and generate positive word of mouth. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales and growth for the business.

The Future of Social Media Branding

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s essential for brands to harness the power of social media platforms. Storytelling is becoming an important tool for businesses to connect with their customers, and platforms like TikTok provide a unique opportunity to showcase real-life experiences with their products.

In the future, we can expect more and more businesses to focus on storytelling and customer loyalty as a way to differentiate themselves in the market. Companies recognizing the power of social media and influencers will continue to grow as consumers demand authentic experiences with their favorite brands.


The story of the viral TikTok video that landed a user a new car is a testament to the power of social media platforms and the impact they have on businesses. Users are now becoming the face of brands, and authenticity is more critical than ever before.

Stanley recognized the opportunity to promote their brand through a positive customer experience and, in turn, rewarded the user with a brand new car. This story serves as a reminder that social media branding is a powerful tool that companies can use to build customer loyalty and grow their business.

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