Netanyahu rips Biden over push to revive Iran nuclear deal: Middle East will become ‘nuclear powder keg’

Netanyahu rips Biden over push to revive Iran nuclear deal: Middle East will become 'nuclear powder keg'

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Benjamin Natanyahu, former Prime Minister of Israel, is raising alarm about the situation BidenAdministration’s efforts toThe re-broker Iran nuclearDeal, warn it willCreate a “nuclear powder”Keg” from the Middle East.  

Former prime minister warned of the dangers of restarting the agreement and the consequences. nuclearProliferation in the Middle EastAnd beyond. 

“What willIt could be that there are other countries in the Middle East willFollow nuclearThey have weapons of their own.” NetanyahuOn Wednesday, Fox & Friends warned. “So this deal is supposed to be…” toStop nuclearWeapon weapons in the Middle EastIt also encourages the proliferation of weapons for mass destruction in this area and elsewhere. willIn fact, it is responsible for the rapid growth of nuclearWeapons and the Middle East willBe crisscrossed nuclear tripwires. It willDo the following: Middle EastYou can find more information at powderkeg nuclear powder keg.”

He said, “This madness,” he added. This is the height folly. This is a terrible thing to do.


FILE – In this January 13, 2015 file photo released by Iran President’s Office President Hassan Rouhani tours the Bushehr nuclearPower plant located outside Bushehr Iran.  
(AP Photo/Iranian Presidency Office, Mohammad Berno, File)

An earlier report this week indicated that the BidenAdministration is closer toAcceptance of a deal during ongoing negotiations Iranconcessions that were previously roadblocks have been dropped

Some of the now-delayed demands concern the terror designation for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and investigations by International Atomic Energy Agency. 

“I find this a terrible deal. This is dangerous. willPave IranThe golden road of gold: the path to prosperity toYou can find more information at nuclear arsenal,” Netanyahu said. “If IranHas nuclearThey aren’t just dangerous for my country, Israel or the whole world. Middle EastAmerica’s allies. They are directly threatening you because they simultaneously develop. nuclearWeapons, they are developing the means toThey can be delivered across continents.

“So, you could have an IranThese fanatic ayatollahs will govern you. willHold every American city hostage to nuclearHe continued, “weapons” “I believe this is a danger,” he said. toThe peace of the entire world is what this terrible deal promotes. It’s worse than the previous one.

The BidenThe administration has come under fire for pushing to reviveThe nuclearWith IranEven though assassination plots against Trump administration officials were revealed in recent weeks, it was still shocking. 


Critics fear that the deal could be reopened. willOnly fuel IranRegionally and internationally,’s terror regime and backfire. 

Fox News interviewed John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator, Tuesday. Biden”Understands” Israel’s concerns, but is determined toJoin the JCPOA, and use diplomacy to achieve your goals toPrevent IranFrom obtaining nuclear capabilities.  

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