MSNBC star hire Jen Psaki repeatedly tamps down Dem expectations ahead of midterms

MSNBC star hire Jen Psaki repeatedly tamps down Dem expectations ahead of midterms

Jen PsakiHer announcement earlier in the year that she was joining the media scene made a huge splash. MSNBCAfter 15 months of service as White House press secretary, 

PsakiShe was highly praised by her liberal admirers in the media and even many of her supporters in the media during her tenure as President Biden’s chief ambassador. ofEven her conservative critics recognized her ability to do her job well. For spinning on behalf of others, she became a household star. ofShe is her boss, and she is a spokesperson for Democrats in general. 

However, the new version of this article is available at MSNBCanalyst, she’s no longer sounding like the Left’s greatest cheerleader. 

She made her first network appearance on “Alex Wagner Tonight” PsakiDemocrats were cautioned about the “really dangerous” strategy used by Democrats to boost so-called “MAGA” candidates in GOP primaries in an attempt to win a more easy defeat in the midterm election. 

“You can’t predict how it’s going out.” That’s frightening. PsakiAlex Wagner, the host, on September 13. 


As press secretary, Jen PsakiHer liberal supporters in media gave her praise. 
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When she was asked about her view of the Democrat prospects in the election, midterms, PsakiWagner suggested that the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade could fuel a “referendum on Republicans” instead ofLike in past midterm cycles, the party is still in control. 

She was later tamped however downWagner’s enthusiasm for Democrat victories. 

“I think a lot but I don’t know how to express it.” of”While Democrats feel better than they should be, there’s still much to do.” Psaki said. “I think it would be a difficult battle for the House if the election were held tomorrow. It would be a little. ofOne leap. More about the Senate ofA toss-up. We should also be aware of other dynamics.”

Polls that once showed Democrats a glimmer of hope have changed. ofThere is hope for possible control ofCongress after the Dobbs decision, and a string ofLegislative victories for the Biden government quickly changed in favor of Republicans.

“PsakiShe must recognize that spinning her way through sessions, which was her role in the press secretary role, will no longer fly,” William A. Jacobson, a Cornell Law School professor and media critic, told Fox News Digital. She has her own reputation now so it’s not surprising that she is offering a realistic assessment. ofWhere are the things?


“Meet the Press” PsakiThe stark warning that Democrats would lose was given by the voters to Democrats. midtermsShe used it as a referendum against her former boss. 

“Look, I think that Democrats, if the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw, you know, Kevin McCarthy touch on there with Marjorie Taylor Greene, I’ll say her name, sitting over his left side, then they’re going to win. They will lose if it’s a referendum on President Obama, and they are well aware of that.” PsakiOriginally broadcast on Sept. 25, 2005.  

PsakiThe alarm was also raised that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats, pointing out the “millions of dollars” GOP has spent on the Pennsylvania Senate race. ofJohn Fetterman is targeted for criminality 

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, appears on Meet the Press in Washington, D.C. Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022.

Jen PsakiMeet the Press, Washington, D.C., Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022.
(William B. Plowman/NBC via Getty Images

Curtis Houck was NewsBusters’ managing editor. PsakiShe was “effective at her work” as White House press secretary and he called her a “savvy operator in politics.” But he warned viewers about her more subtle commentary. PsakiFox News Digital stated that “shouldn’t be confused with a conservative, or even a moderate.” MSNBC”Stabilized their ranks with Democratic establishment.” 

Last week, “Morning Joe” PsakiShe softened her opposition towards the Democrat strategy ofAccording to funding “MAGA”, both Democrats, and Republicans have “been playing in primaries since decades” and this can be described as “three-dimensional politics.”

While we discuss key Senate races however, PsakiIt is “mind-bending” to see that both Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Pennsylvania candidate and Georgia Republican Herschel Walker are both “very much in contention” to win both of their races, despite having different issues on the campaign trail. 


“And it’s important for us sitting in Washington or New York to remember that in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Nevada, people are voting around a range of issues,” PsakiTell her MSNBC colleagues last Tuesday. 

Recapping Walker’s abortion scandal that dominated headlines PsakiRecognized that “these are divided States”, “purple states” as well as “sometimes red-leaning and sometimes purple states.”

“And I think that we need to be very mindful about demographics, the issues at work, and the fact it will continue to tighten as we get closer,” Psaki said. 

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared on

Former White House press secretary Jen PsakiParticipated on Wednesday, May 25, 20,22 on “The Tonight Show”.
(Todd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sunday’s edition of “Meet The Press,” PsakiIt was predicted that the Georgia Senate race would go to a run-off in December. This is in contrast to a win for Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock who she praised for “letting Herschel walk in his muddy pit.” ofInstead, use “scandal” ofIt was a slap on his GOP opponent. 

Kristen Welker, NBC News correspondent, asked Kristen: “So you don’t think he should remove the gloves at this point?” 

“I actually think, for the moment, you always have to reevaluate in campaigns, you evaluate week by week… he may have to decide to take the gloves off at some point, but I don’t think he has to do that now,” Psaki responded. 

Later, the former Biden aide raised her concerns about this issue. ofCrime against Democrats, particularly in Wisconsin’s Senate race where she lambasted Democratic candidate Mandela for invoking Jan.6 during a debate to charge GOP Sen. Ron Johnson ofNot supporting police. 

“Crime must be addressed by Democrats,” Psaki said. Mandela Barnes missed an opportunity. His talk about the insurrection was disconnected from what Wisconsinans feel. Milwaukee is experiencing an increase in crime.

She added, “That’s what people think about with their fear when they go outside their doors. Less than the insurrection honestly.” 


Jacobson suggested, “Even if…” PsakiIsn’t it the firebrand? MSNBCEven though it thought it had hired her, the network is better off having her on their roster. 

“MSNBCIt may not pivot to the center but it might want at least some voices ofThere is reason to be among the vitriolic host crew. PsakiJacobson said that this would be a great help to accomplish the same purpose. 

Houck predicted PsakiWhile the “safe space” she hosts on the Peacock Show will continue to be for Democrats, it is important that she isn’t an outspoken bomb thrower like other “bomb throwers”. MSNBC commentators.

“I believe that doing little in the right way will make a difference.” ofRocking the boat PsakiShe can guarantee a tenure for as many years as she feels is necessary in an event. MSNBCHouck stated that the United States was forced to return to reality and reflect where most Americans stand on political issues. 

MSNBCIt is a huge gamble to offer a program to untested talent Jen PsakiThis is a veteran of the Obama administration who was an earlier CNN analyst before joining Biden’s administration.

So far MSNBCSymone Sanders was the ex-top aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, who also left the Biden government to join the liberal network to host weekend shows.

“Symone,” which debuted in May, had only 361,000 viewers and just 29,000 in the 25-to 54 demographic. On Sunday, she did worse reaching only 344,000 viewers. Her show has never reached 500,000 viewers since then. 

Symone Sanders speaks onstage during Global Citizen Week: At What Cost? at The Apollo Theater on September 23, 2018 in New York City. 

Symone Sanders talks onstage during Global Citizen Week, At What Cost? New York City, September 23, 2018, at The Apollo Theater 
(Photo by Noam Gali/Getty Images For Global Citizen).

MSNBCCurrent viewership crisis is affecting the station, which started following the departure ofFormer President Trump. Rachel Maddow, one of the most prominent personalities on the network. starAccording to reports, she negotiated a $30 million contract. She rolled back her program to Mondays earlier in the year, leaving a gap of four days in primetime. MSNBCMaddow has tapped Alex Wagner for the role of Maddow’s replacement. ofHer predecessor’s. 


There have been many other changes at MSNBC. “Morning Joe”, an unheard-of fourth hour, was extended ofProgramming, Stephanie Ruhle was made to anchor “The 11th Hour” after the departure ofChuck Todd and Brian Williams’ weekday show were pulled by the network. They moved to NBC News Now, a live-streaming network that broadcasts NBC News Now.  

Peacock also cancelled the two programs of Dr. MSNBCWeekend host Ayman Mohyeldin, and analyst Zerlina Maxiwell, have since left the network completely after her show was cancelled. 

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