Michelle Obama’s Favorite White House Food Tradition Is So Wholesome

Michelle Obama's Favorite White House Food Tradition Is So Wholesome

Drew Barrymore Show appearance MichelleObama revealed that Marian Robinson, Obama’s mother, was able keep one family tradition alive during their eight years together White House. “My mom used make homemade cakes for our birthdays. This was something my mom used to do when she lived in the White HouseObama stated, per People, “I remember getting to lick that mixer.”

Remember, Robinson was moving to the White HouseIt was not for any other reason than to be with her daughter, and son-inlaw. Robinson told CBS, “I felt like this was going to be a very hard life for both of them, and I was worried about their safety,” Mrs. Robinson admitted in 2018. “And I was worried about my grandkids — that’s what got me to move to D.C.” Given this, her role in the Executive Mansion was to keep the Obama girls Malia and Sasha as grounded as possible. Robinson demanded that the girls learn how wash their clothes. We now know that Robinson also made birthday cakes.

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