Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Dispel Breakup Rumors in Pink and Blue Looks

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Dispel Breakup Rumors in Pink and Blue Looks

Megan Fox and Machine Gun KellyThey have put the end to rumors about a split via an eye-popping moment in street style.

The fiancés were photographed inLos Angeles yesterday, looking just as gorgeous as ever inCoordinating cotton candy outfits

Jennifer’s Body actress was a pack of punch inAn ab-baring baby-blue braandShe layered her shorts with a matching button-up in blue. She opted for plain white sneakers and kept her footwear simple. andThe accessories she added to the ensemble were a fuzzy lavender-colored hat.andA baby pink fuzzy mini purse and a blue hat are available. andLayers of gold necklaces

MGK’s outfit was just as experimental as his fiancée’s. The musician wore a shirt with a long sleeves and a hot pink color.andIllustration of a cartoon Lion in blue The bottom half of his suit was made of baby blue pants. andWhite sneakers. He accessorized with a silver necklace choker necklace and oval sunglasses.


The speculations of fans began. Fox andAfter a few months without any public appearances, MGK broke up. Pretty was the couple’s last appearance at the Hulu premiere of MGK’s documentary. in PinkBack in June.

The outlet was reassured by a source at TMZ. Fox andMGK “doing just right” and “obviously can’t be together 24/7—both of them work andI have children, but they are solid.”

The couple who made public their first relationship. inJune 2020, Announcement of their Engagement inJanuary 2022.

“Somehow a Year andHalf an hour later, they were both through hell together. andHe had made me laugh more than I could have ever imagined, and he asked me to be my wife.” FoxIt was posted on Instagram at the moment. “And just like that.” inEvery lifetime before this one. andAs inEvery lifetime that will come after it, I said yes. … andThen we drank one another’s blood. 1.11.22 ✨.”

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